March StrideBox! It’s here! It’s here!

2013-03-04 18.20.48I was so excited to see my first StrideBox sitting in my kitchen counter when I got home from exercising yesterday!  It was the perfect pick-me-up for a Monday!  Since I had no idea what to expect inside of it, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of products in the box.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I signed up last month right as the February boxes were shipped out, so I had to wait a whole month for mine!

When I first opened the box, tore open the tissue paper wrapping and checked out The Stride Guide (a list of all the products included), I was thrilled to see something fabulously hot pink staring back at me.  It was a Given Brand – Original Flip Pocket Wrist Wallet (retail: $10.95).  It is awesome!  Perfect sized band with a handy pocket that will easily fit a key, some cash and an ID on a run.  I can’t wait to use it tomorrow.

Next I checked out two long tubes of PowerICE (retail: $8.99/6 pack), one is Lime Kicker and the other is Orange Blast .  Oh my gosh, these are freeze pops with electrolytes!  The suggestion on the card says to consume one 15-30 minutes before a run, but I might be interested in trying them on a summer day after running.  These will make the perfect treat! Totally helping to cool your core temp after a hot run.  Can’t wait to try this!

There were two different bars in the box, a Picky Bar (retail: $22.99 for 10 bars) and a Kind Bar (retail: $1.99 a bar).  I thought the Picky Bar was super cute, great packaging! The flavor in my box was Lauren’s Mega Nuts *Peanut Butter Booyah*.  It is a gluten and dairy free energy bar especially designed for athletes.  I’ll definitely try give it a try this week as my afternoon snack before I head out for a run.  The other bar is already one of my favorites, Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Nuts & 2013-03-04 18.24.15Sea Salt.  This bar combines my favorite flavors, chocolate and sea salt.  I was definitely happy to see this in the box!

After digging deeper into the box, I found two GU Energy Gels, peanut butter flavor (retail: $11.60/8 gels).  Though I don’t normally use gels on my runs, they tend to upset my tummy, I might give this one a try.  I have several friends who use GU so if my tummy can’t tolerate it, I can pass it along to them.

Next, there was a packet for Mocha Click Espresso Protein Drink (retail $2.95/packet).  It has only 120 calories and packs the punch of a double shot of Espresso coffee.  You can “click your way” and make it hot, cold or blended by just adding water.  Love the options!  This might be a great pre-run beverage in lieu of my normal cup of coffee.

Near the bottom of the box were the last two products, a travel size of Run Guard – Original Anti Chafe Stick (retail: $3.95/travel size) and a one use size Win Sports Detergent ($1.00/travel size).  Run Guard is the new product from Nip Guard.  It is the perfect size to keep in my gym bag.  I’ll be interested to compare it to the other two types of anti chafing products I use already.  I’m always looking for the best products that not only work great, but are cost effective too.  And at $3.95 for a travel size, that’s a great price!  The Win Sports Detergent is made to help remove that sweaty smell that hangs out on workout clothes, even after you wash them.  I will also be comparing this to the detergent that I current use that’s also formulated to remove workout stink from clothes.  Can’t wait to put it to the test!

Overall, I’m totally stoked about my StrideBox.  For the $15 I spent for this month’s box, the box contained just over $26 worth of products.  In addition, The Stride Guide also included some discounts for some of the products, so if I wanted to purchase any of them, I could save some cash.stridebox march

Once I try the products, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts in a future blog post.

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