Go ahead, Girls!

For the past few years, my co-worker and friend, Andrea and I lead a Girls Only Running Club at the middle school where we teach. We enjoy seeing the progress the girls make towards running their first race in the Spring and we love being a part of the process! In addition to the running/walking, we also spend time talking about healthy eating, body image, bullying and other hot topics among middle school aged girls. In the years past, we also coordinate runs and walks to local yogurt shops to help bring fun and exercise together.

This week we kicked off our first meeting and it was a blast!! Andrea takes the lead on most of the planning and I just follow in with whatever she needs me to do! This year we also have two other teachers helping us and we are so excited for them to be there, Bekah (who is one of our friends and fellow runner girl) and Tammy, a new teacher at our school. It looks like we’ll need the extra help too. We had 68 (!!!!) girls show yesterday ready to workout and try Zumba. It was awesome! Bekah led them through some quick warm-up activities, yelling “Go ahead!” every time she switched exercises and then it was on! Time for some dancing!

We had all kinds of girls, races, shapes, sizes and grades, dancing, laughing and having fun trying to keep up with our instructor, Sabrina. Bekah and I, of course, had to put our own sweet moves into the choreography which lead to a lot of raised eyebrows and giggles from the girls. If they can see us acting silly and having fun, hopefully, it will help them bring their guards down and have fun too!

We danced for about an hour, had some quick healthy snacks and Gatorade and called it a success! We’ll meet again next week and hopefully, get some running/walking started! The weather yesterday was dreadful, rainy and 41. Zumba was just what we needed to get our group off on the right foot!

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