Bettin’ on Baltimore!

One of the blogs I follow is Pavement Runner (you should too!) and I read one of his latest posts, Miles of Shame and nearly flipped with excitement!  Betting miles around the Super Bowl, brillant!  As soon as I finished reading the rules, I sent the info to my husband. 

The basic rules are:

1. Choose a team and hope they win!

2. If you lose, plan on running the difference in points in the final score of the game.  If you win, gloat, baby, gloat!

3. Loser has to post a pic proving the miles (Garmin, Daily Mile, etc.) have been run with the hashtag #miles of shame.

For more information regarding specifics, check out the blog post.

Nick graciously agreed to the challenge by taking San Francisco and I took Baltimore.  We posted our bet on PR’s blog with our picks. So this Sunday, I’ll be donning my black and purple (being a Cleveland Browns fan, I feel that rooting for Baltimore is the right call) and keeping my fingers crossed they pull off a win!

Whose up for some Super Bowl fun?!  Find a runner friend and make some bets!

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