“Wrapping” Up a Totally Tublar Weekend

What started out as a pretty easy week ended up being a mad dash right into the weekend.  With some unexpected events, my normal workout nights and our Family Food Competition (FFC) ended up getting all mixed up.  What’s life without a little shakeup now and then, right?  familyfoodcomp

I did tackle my night of our FFC and hit a home run with Nick and H.  I had to outsmart Nick 2013-01-22 18.00.19this week so I went straight for jugular…I cooked H’s favorite meal from one of our favorite restaurants, Lindley Park Filling Station.  I recreated their tasty Howard wrap (H and I love it!).  I cut up 1.5 lbs of chicken breasts into bite sized pieces, quickly cooked them in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil.  While that was working, I diced a tomato and made the pesto mayo by combining 3 parts mayo with 1 part pre-made pesto.  Once the chicken was thoroughly cooked, I took a large tortilla, smeared some pesto mayo on it  and filled it with the chicken, shredded lettuce (thank you leftover salad mix!), shredded cheddar, and tomatoes.  I didn’t want to go the tater tot route, so opted for a quick cream of tomato soup.  The weather has been so chilly, it was the perfect side.  We topped our soups with just a pinch of feta cheese, so good!  Empty plates and bowls declared me a clear winner!  I ended up with enough leftovers for 2 days of lunches for me this week!  Nick unfortunately was stuck cooking an old standby this week (tacos) so though my meal was a success, I suppose I can’t truly claim the victory.

Nick – 1  Me – 1*   *if I lose by one in the end, this will totally count.

Our big event that we were looking forward was a snow tubing weekend trip with friends and family!  The idea of going tubing has been in the works for several years, but until this weekend, it had never come to fruition.  My friend, Carole, threw out the idea again about a month ago, invited all of our favorite friends, and everyone jumped in on the trip the minute she threw it out there.  Our family, along with Carole and Henry, headed up Friday to Boone to stay for the weekend, the rest of the group made it a day trip on Saturday.  16 of us ended up taking on Hawksnest for an awesome afternoon of tubing.  Each session is 2 hours and at first, we didn’t think that could possibly be enough time, but in the end it was perfect.  H had a blast going down the hills and we would always try to line up so that we could race each other.  After we finished tubing, we all headed back to Boone where we grubbed on yumminess at Mellow Mushroom for lunch. It was the perfect day!2013-01-26 12.53.27

This morning, Carole, Henry and I took to the streets of Boone for our long run, 10 miles2013-01-27 11.27.29, 3.1 miles of which counted towards Anywhere5K’s run, Run Fur Fun virtual 5K.  I went to college up in Boone at the best school ever, Appalachian State.  While I was there, I had not found running again, so I missed out on traveling the town on foot.  I really wish that I had, it was just so nostalgic to run through campus and the cute little downtown area.  I played tour guide to them both, pointing out my dorm building, the stadium, and other buildings of interest.  We ended up running from one end of the town to the other, making the loop through campus twice.  We encountered a few other runners braving the 20 degree temp, even one very overzealous college student who threw up his hands as he passed us yelling “WOOOO!  WE ARE RUNNING!”.  Henry and I gave him a “WOO HOO” back, celebrating with him and laughing at his excitement.  2013-01-27 10.04.03

Here’s to hoping we have a “throw our hands up and yell WOOOO” kind of week!

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