Beefcake Status

One of my long term goals for 2013 is to up the weight and core work aka be more Beefcake.  The running joke now in our house is that I’m working on become more Beefcake.  Even my daughter chimes in and says I’m looking pretty beefcake nowadays.  The word has made it to my friends now too and several of us are working on being more beefcake.

I started going to Les Mills Body Pump in Feb. 2012, I would go with my friend, Christie, when I could to the Club, using many 30 day and one day passes until the gym I belong to finally got the class this past summer.  Christie and I regularly hit the class together at our gym. I thoroughly enjoy the class, almost as much as I like running…gasp!  The combo of music with the weight lifting routines makes the class very entertaining, especially if my friend, Cindy is teaching.  I also appreciate that once you exhaust a body part (chest, triceps, biceps, etc.) you don’t go back to those later on in the class.  Each class has 700-900 total reps, at relatively low weights.  I feel fabulous after each class, stronger and more fit.

This year, I am consistently hitting a BP class once a week and adding in the no-joke-thank-god-this-class-is-only-30-minutes-long Les Mills CXWorx class.  The average class burns 230 calories and it tightens and tones all those core muscles.  Imagine staying in plank-like positions for 15 minutes and the other 15 standing on one leg at a time doing lunge repeats.  Yup, it’s that tough.  When I first tried the class in November, I felt like a Mac truck had run through the class at a high speed, ran me over and took me out.  I was exhausted, sweaty, and I couldn’t lift my arms up over my head.  By two days later, I was convinced I broke a rib because my sides hurt so badly.  Luckily, I didn’t let my first encounter with the class turn me away.  I knew it was going to be one of those classes that would have the greatest reward.

I’ve now gone to two more classes (they just started full time in January) and I can tell I’m not struggling as much to do some of the moves that knocked me out in November.  I can now hold the plank moves and the leg track isn’t as challenging.  I attribute some of this to kicking up most of my weights in Body Pump and starting back running regularly.  I’m excited to see how these classes unfold for me as I gain more muscle and strength.  I’m totally up for the challenge and excited to see the results!

2013, the year of the Beefcake!

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