WIAW – Lazy Day Eats

Sunday was our lazy day around the house!  We were all just wiped out from the week and enjoyed a “stay at home” day recouping.  With a lazy day means lazy eats.  We didn’t feel much like cooking so we got lunch out and had leftovers for dinner.  We also didn’t feel like doing our Sunday grocery trip, so food choices were limited.


Two cups of coffee and one day old bagel with some olive oil butter.20140804-074825-28105294.jpg


Nick was helping a friend move so he brought home some Jimmy John’s sandwiches.  I was 3/4 of the way through mine when I realized that I didn’t snap a pic.  He was kind of enough to let me borrow his sandwich.  Jimmy John’s are by far my most favorite sub choice.  It’s their bread!  It just makes that whole sammy.20140804-074824-28104570.jpg

Pre-Run Snack

I had to run a mile to keep my running streak going (Day 460!!) and I was in between meals and felt a little hungry so I grabbed a few Triscuits and some pimento cheese bites before I headed out.  I finished my mile and completed all my challenges.20140804-074825-28105039.jpg


I didn’t snap a pic of this meal out of complete respect.  Leftover tacos, rice and beans do not make a pretty picture AT ALL!  It was good though.

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WIAW #3- Day Old Guac Color

What time is it?!  What time is it?!  It’s WIAW time!

Again of all the days I picked to take pictures, it’s the day of a sandwich, day old guac and oatmeal.  Seriously!?  One day soon, I’m going to take pictures of the most amazing day of food ever.  Just wait!

Having just come off of vacation, my appetite is all over the place.  I also don’t have a particular taste for anything since my beach week consisted of eating anything and everything I wanted to.  So this week is our reset week, back to eating a bit better.

Breakfast:  A cup of coffee and a bowl of Better Oats Oat Fit Maple and Brown Sugar (2 packets)

2014-07-07 09.30.34

Lunch:  We went to the pool and by the time we got back, it was late in the afternoon so I opted for some guacamole and tortilla chips as my meal.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of it.  It wasn’t pretty guac either.  Being that it was day old, it was fairly brown but delish!  I did take a pic of the near empty bag of tortilla chips which are tasty even by themselves. 2014-07-07 21.32.06

Dinner: Tomato and Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a few Kalamata Olives as a side

I hope I don’t have a green tint to my skin with all the avocados I ate!  Couldn’t help myself.  They are so good!tomatoavocadogrilledcheese


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