Friday Five: Fueling Food Favorites

A topic that is near and dear to me…FOOD!  For this Friday’s Five, I’ll share my favorite food fueling options.  These are the must haves for me while training for races.  Some of them are pretty typical, others not so much!

Mexican Food

Seriously.  It is by far my favorite meal to eat before a long run.  Some people shy away from it, for fear that it will cause tummy issues, but I have found that it is exactly the right balance of what I need for my long runs.  I usually opt for a steak burrito of some sort with a ton of rice and beans.  The mix of the protein and carbs is just right and it keeps me fueled for my long runs.  I haven’t honestly found anything else that works as well for me.  Add in the chips and salsa too!  It’s the perfect pre long run meal for me. chipsandsalsa


I just recently found out that I have a really low level of potassium and I need to make sure that I put it back into my body after my long runs.  Most people would just grab a banana, but unfortunately, I get the absolute worst heartburn from bananas.  I can’t even tell you the last time I had one.  I asked the doctor for other potassium rich foods so that I could make sure that I consciously include them.  When he said avocado, I about cheered!  They are my favorite after school snack.  I add a teeny bit of salt and will just eat it right out of the halfed shell.  It’s so good!avocado

Noosa Yoghurt

I’m addicted!  I love all types of yogurt, but this one reminds me so much of the yummy, velvety yogurt I had when we visited Sweden years ago.  I woke up every morning and headed to the breakfast in our hotel and would enjoy the creamiest, smoothest yogurt ever!  I’ve tried all kinds of yogurt for years looking for something similar but had no luck until I tried Noosa on a whim.  After that first bite, I knew I had found something similar!  I love that it’s an 8oz serving which is perfect for breakfast or a pre-run snack.  I’m fortunate that I can eat dairy before a run without having any tummy issues.  They came out with a pumpkin flavored one for Fall which I cannot wait to try!Chocolate Milk

I counted chocolate milk as one of my necessary “gear” items yesterday so it definitely makes my list for fueling options.  Chocolate milk is an absolute must have for me after a long run.  I like the kicked up chocolate milk from Shamrock Farms.  Their Rockin’ Refuel milks are awesome.  They add extra protein to chocolate milk to make it 20g and it’s the perfect 2 to 1 carb-to-protein ratio.  Post Long Run Breakfast

Whether it’s pancakes, a veggie omelet, a Mexican egg bowl and cat head biscuits from Smith Street Diner, or a bagel and cream cheese, a post long run breakfast is a must!  We often plan our runs around where we will eat breakfast after finish and will change locations depending on what we have a taste for!  It is sometimes my motivation to get in my miles.  With our recent 18 and 20 miler runs, breakfast became lunch and we headed to two of our favorite places for a brew and sandwich.  Eating something right after a long run is essential to recovery!

Happy Week!






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