WIAW – Sample Platter

For this WIAW, I decided to highlight some of my favorite eats from the week.  Let’s call it a sample platter of all the yummy goodness that I ate!

This weekend, Cara and I got to try Chuy’s, an Austin, Texas based restaurant that has finally made its way to NC!  I’ve had several people who raved about it and we were excited to give it a try.  With so many tasty sounding choices, we had a difficult time deciding what we were going to order.  We quickly ordered guacamole while we checked out the menu.  It was served with warm tortilla chips and it was really good!   Cara ordered the quesadilla and I ordered a fajita steak burrito.  The real star for me was the creamy jalapeno dip!  Holy smokes that stuff was addictive!  It was like a kicked up ranch dressing and went perfectly with my burrito.  We enjoyed our visit to Chuy’s and look forward to trying it again!chuyguac

Yesterday, we had a variation of our weekly Chicken Caesar salads.  Nick grabbed some pitas and we made stuffed them with the salad mix, grilled chicken pieces and some diced tomatoes.  We loved them!  It was just nice to mix it up a bit on one of our favorite meals. chickenpita

My cheat of the week was some boxed mac and cheese.  I was craving some for a few days now and didn’t want to go to the trouble of making real mac and cheese.  I gave in and it was worth it. macandcheese
Nick grabbed some super big pork chops from the grocery store to go with the mac and cheese (which I ate as an appetizer).  They came out perfectly, just a little salt and pepper!  We love our cast iron skillet.  Man, that thing works awesome on chicken, pork and steak.  porkchop2

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What were some of your food cravings this week?  Did you give in?


WIAW- Imagination Required!

So this could quite possibly be the worst WIAW ever for me.  I won’t apologize for not having any pictures, that just means that the food was that good, the company was that great and the time I was having had me not even thinking about taking a picture of the food.  I’d say THAT might make this WIAW one of the best!

Anyone else struggle with the same thing? Remembering to take pictures?

If I would have remembered to take a picture…

You would have seen the most amazing plate of chicken nachos.  When Cara and I arrived to Fayetteville on Saturday, we wanted a snack and nachos were calling our name. We were having such a great time people watching and talking, I never took a picture.  The nachos were piled high with tortilla chips and topped with spicy cheese, chicken, jalapenos and lettuce with a sides of sour cream and salsa.

If I would have remembered to take a picture….

You would see a big plate of spaghetti with marinara and two huge meatballs on top.  That was my pre-race meal but the four of us girls were so busy eating and chatting, I never took a picture.   The spaghetti was really tasty and I loved the side salad and garlic bread too.

If I would have remembered to take a picture….

You would have see the most awesome cannoli that I ordered as takeout.  It was the perfect lay in the bed eating dessert.  Cara ordered cheesecake and we both watched tv and ate our goodies!  My cannoli was so good!  Loved the added chocolate chips!  I was too busy eating it to take a picture.

If I would have remembered to take a picture…

You would have see a big huge juicy cheeseburger!  We were all craving burgers after our race on Sunday and I enjoyed one with guacamole, bacon and cheese on it.  It was amazing!  Totally hit the spot!  We were celebrating our runs and talking about the race that I never took a picture.

If I would have remembered to take a picture…

You would see a Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha, one of the many reasons why I love fall!  I have been waiting for this to make its return!  Cara and I were chatting the whole way home in the car, I never took a picture.

And finally, a picture!!

Here’s our no frills but super tasty dinner from Monday night.  Nick was grill master again on the cast iron and grilled up some chops.  We just salt and peppered them and they came out perfectly!  We had a side of mashed potatoes and some roasted corn.  It hit the spot!porkchop


Hope your imagination loved the meals as much as I did!  🙂

Happy Week!






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