The Doubt Bully

Usually about this time of training when everyone is hanging out in taper town, this little pest shows up.  His name his Doubt.  Doubt is not a friend to anyone and usually creeps back in as race days get closer.   He whispers in your ear, trying to mess with your mind, and create for even just a second a thought that all the hard work and dedication might not be enough.  That all those speed workouts and long runs won’t matter.  Doubt hangs out with other nasty friends too, who he brings back with him from time to time when he sees that all his ploys aren’t working.  Doubt will bring Fear, Failure, and Worry.   Doubt wants to just get into your mind and head just a bit.  If he can just start the process, then we become our own worse enemies and let it live there, growing and growing, until we start to believe it ourselves.

BUT there is help!  There is a way to beat the Doubt Bully!  You have your own arsenal of friends that can help you and they are called Faith, Love, and Belief!  These three are the superheroes who can easily take out Doubt and all his bully friends.

Faith is the one that started this all.  She was the one who said you have all the goods and why not go for it?!   She lets you see it in yourself and the work that you have done.  It is enough!  All those miles logged on hot and humid days was only preparing you to race a cool Fall morning.  It will feel easy and effortless.   Sure it will be tough, but the faith you have in yourself will carry you through that.

Love is the most powerful!  Because love comes from not only yourself, but your friends and family who have supported your every step through your training.  From notes of encouragement, running beside you, and partners in crime who are training with you, their love is felt along the way!  Draw on that love and how it’s made you feel!

Belief is the quiet one. She sits just inside your heart and she only speaks up when you need it the most.  She creates pictures of finish lines in your head that you can visualize as you train.  She whispers to you in your dreams that it is possible.  This can be done.  That it will be all that you want it to be.

So as we all near our race days, be conscious about which voice you are hearing.  Is it Doubt and his nasty friends or is it Belief and her strong friends? 

How do you beat the race day worries and woes?  What strategies have you used?

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Happy Fall Y’All!

I have been one happy girl this week!  FINALLY, cooler temps made it’s way here to NC and even though some days were a bit dreary, I was thrilled to finally have some near perfect running weather.  I also got really excited because with the start of Fall comes some of my favorite things to do!  I’m a Autumn kind of girl at heart!


Pumpkin Carving Party

I can’t wait for my sis’ yearly pumpkin carving party.  We haven’t been in a few years but we are heading to the shin dig in late October.   I already purchased our pumpkin kits and stencils just yesterday and I already can’t wait to see what design Hayden comes up for her pumpkin.  She really lets her creativity shine!  It’s an awesome day and usually the weather cooperates and we sit outside and carve away.  pumpkin


Fall Marathons

The countdown starts once we all hit October!  Everyone is on a 45 day or less countdown to their marathons.  I know at least one person each week starting from mid-October through the end of November who is running a fall marathon or ultra race.  I find myself getting just as excited as their days come closer and I get that nervous belly as I start counting off how many more weeks it is until my own marathon day.  It’s awesome to see everyone’s hard work pay off!  I also love knowing that a “break” from training is coming soon!  There’s some joy in knowing that I don’t have to be married to training plan for just a little while.


College Football Game

Every year, we make the trek to our alma mater, Appalachian State University, for a football game.  Spending the day tailgating, walking the streets of Boone dressed in our black and gold, seeing friends, cheering for our team, and hearing the marching band is just good for the soul.  Win or lose, just being in that whole vibe can’t help but bring a smile to your face.  It’s fairly nostalgic too.  Takes me back to the days when we walked that campus,  not a care in the world.  Boy, those were the days!appgame


For a few years now, our friends, Teddy and Kathy, pull out the tractor, hook up a trailer and take the kids around their neighborhood trick and treating.  I really think it’s for the adults as much as the kids!  We just walk along while Teddy drives the tractor and watch the kiddos hop out, run towards the houses and run back to the trailer.  It’s usually really great weather and we have a blast! tractortreat

Festivals, Corn Mazes, Food Truck Rodeos

It seems like the number of fun activities increases each weekend!  I love finding fun things to do locally.  We’ll grab a huge group of friends and hit a corn maze or find a food truck rodeo and enjoy a crisp evening eating some awesome food.   There is a local farm, Summerfield Farms, that hosted an awesome festival last year after a bike ride.  There was food, drinks, hayrides, and music!  It’s just the perfect time of year to throw on a hoodie and hang outside loving the crisp air. summerfieldfarm

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What are your favorite fall activities?  What are you most excited about now that it’s fall?


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Another “Break” in the Wall

So it’s not exactly the lyrics to a Pink Floyd song, but all runners look for ways to break through that mental wall during training.  I have lyrics running through my mind often and when I think of breaking the wall, that song popped into my mind.  I may have improvised just a bit. 🙂

After this weekend’s long run, it seemed appropriate that this Tuesday on the Run was all about ways to break the mental wall we hit during training and how to knock it down and keep on moving.   Saturday’s long run was a knock down, drag ’em out on my end and somehow, I came through on the winning end, having completed all 18 miles.

So what helped me get through that run?  How did I not just throw in the towel?


I’ll say it again, thank goodness Cara was with me on this run.  I would have long thrown in the towel if it wasn’t for her company.  It also helps that she’s training for an ultra so she’s all about time on her body, building her endurance.  So as I’m training for my marathon and she’s got her ultra, we’re perfectly matched for all our long runs.  It’s been great to run with her and we’re never concerned with anything more than getting the miles done.


I gave myself outs.  I always listen to my body and if at any point, I started feeling worse, I would have cut my route short.  Luckily, the route we were running allowed for several shortcuts back to the car, if needed.  I also just stayed in each mile, not really thinking about what was going to happen next.  I will easily go from running, to intervals of varying degrees of walking/running, to all walking just to keep moving.  We always say as long as we’re moving forward, we’re still moving. I knew that by allowing myself these outs, it helped me to know that if needed, I could cut my run short by mileage or bring it down to walking.


Cara and I have this one covered pretty much all the time.  The two of us are always cracking up at something.  I serenaded Cara for the last mile, making up some crazy songs as we walked along.  We also just talked a bunch of nonsense about the things we saw along our route.  We spent a lot of the last few miles in really good spirits.  Even though I felt awful, we were still keeping each other laughing.


Usually when things start to go south in a run, I’ll start repeating something to myself just to get through the rest of the miles.  Yesterday’s mantra, I can always walk.  I knew that no matter what, I could always walk the rest of the miles.  I walked for 7 miles in the Kiawah Marathon, what was 4 miles back to the car?


My husband would probably disagree, but sometimes it’s good to be bullheaded.  I just am not going to give in or stop.  I’m just not.  I’m stubborn and it helped me yesterday.  I was going to complete 18 miles.

What helps you get through those tough spots in a long run?  What do you do to break the wall down and keep on going?

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Weekly Rundown and Race Recap

What started off as a shaky week with my running motivation ended up on a high note with our girls’ trip to Lynchburg!  Nothing like a girl’s trip to rejuvenate, re-motivate, and reconnect with each other.  It was just what I needed to attack next week’s runs!

Marathon Training: 6 weeks down, 12 to go!



I had to do a lot of my runs solo this week.  My friend, Christie, was on vacation this week and usually we end up hooking up to run on Mondays or Tuesdays together so that left me to my own for the first two runs this week.  A small crew of us met up on Wednesday to run and then I was back to solo again for Thursday and my quick mile on Friday.  Saturday was race day + 1 mile for Cara and I and Sunday was a recovery run to loosen up the legs.  I did great Monday, even getting in my hill repeats on a monster of a hill!  But by Tuesday, I had 3 miles scheduled and headed out and only got a mile in.  I just didn’t have it in me to run any longer so I called it a day and came back to the house.  My progression run went really well!  I kept a good pace and I was pleased with how we did!  Those are never easy! Thursday and Friday, I ran just solo miles.  I just wasn’t feeling like doing much more than that.


I was a regular Betty Crocker this week!  I killed it in the kitchen!  I cooked all of our planned meals and even added in a dessert!  GO me!  I really am embracing my inner cooker this week and even think I am starting to actually enjoy cooking.  It’s growing on me!  We finished the week with the Lime Cilantro Chicken.  It was super tasty and a big hit at home too!  A double win!limechicken

Race Recap

10 girls choose to run a half marathon in August!  Yes, we did it!  We completely lucked out on the weather.  A “cold” front found its way to Virginia and just in time for our race.  But with the cold front came rain, lots of rain.  We had to run the entire race in it, though I’d much rather have that weather vs hot and full sun, if I never have to see a puddle for awhile, I’d be happy.  While last year, it was a hilly hell of a run, this year, it was still hilly but not as hellish.  Cara and I stuck together for the first few miles.  Then we hit the hilly section and I felt pretty good so I went on solo, picking up my pace a bit.  I had some really great comfortable middle miles, just rolling along.  I totally skipped the mile 8 water stop and headed back down the hill to the greenway section.  I finally took another break at mile 11, walked a bit, and had a bit of struggle finding comfort again.  I regrouped a bit and finished strong to the end.  I finished with a 2:05:47.  Totally pleased and happy with that time!  All of the girls had a really good race!  Some of our group placed so we cheered them on during the awards!  Other girls got PR’s too, which is absolutely insane on such a tough course!  We had an awesome time and will definitely be back next year! lynchburglynchburgelevation

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