Saturday Morning Motivation

How many of us growing up would wake up early on a Saturday morning to catch our favorite cartoons?!  I couldn’t wait to watch them! It started the weekend off on such a positive note.  Nothing better than laying on the floor, in jammies, staring up at the TV.  I remember even having a breakfast picnic on the living room floor so we could watch our favorite shows. It let my parents have just a bit of a peace after a long week.

So the idea behind Saturday Morning Motivation is the same!  Just a grown-up version!  So on 4th Saturday (pre or post long run or workout, probably), do the same thing.  While you are going through your pre-run regimen or after your long run, check here for what motivated people throughout the month and/or share what motivated you too.  Was it a quote?!  A picture?  A kind gesture?  Anything goes!  Hopefully, it will bring about the same feeling; ending your month off on a positive note and celebrating what got your through it.

On the 4th Saturday, I’ll be hosting the Saturday Morning Motivation linkup.  I invite you to linkup to share your motivation too!  Let’s get the positivity and motivation pumping as we hit each new month and new challenge!


What you do you have to do to join in the fun?

  • Create a blog about what motivated you that month.  Was it a quote?  A picture?  Something awesome?
  • Linkup on the 4th Saturday here at Runnergirl in a Rocking World.  Include the Saturday Morning Motivation picture (below) in your post or sidebar and/or a link back to my blog.
  • Look at others’ posts and comment if something they shared rocks your socks!  Give them some love!
  • Help spread the word!  Invite others to join in!



I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please leave one!

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