Saturday Morning Motivation

Happy Saturday morning!  It’s almost time to hit the pavement.  A group of us are headed to a local trail to run around Salem Lake.  We haven’t been out there in some time so I’m looking forward to it.  One loop is 7 miles around which is perfect for today’s long run, 7 miles!  I have 8 tomorrow.

I got to thinking that right around now is when lots of people are starting their fall marathon/half training so I found just the perfect thing!  It’s from Our Sole Intent again.  I just love their stuff.  Can you tell?!

2015-07-17 11.10.58

We are all a part of a running family, cheering each other on!  As we all embark on our own training journeys, we are tied together!  Whether you are tackling those miles alone or with your own running crew, you have others near and far, rooting for you!  So for the next several weeks, we are all one big training family! 🙂  Let’s do this thing!

 Go be awesome! 🙂


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