My Running Mom Interview

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend planned!  It’s almost here! 🙂

Yesterday I was reading through some great Thinking Out Loud blog posts.  One of the posts I read was from Mary Beth at Tutus and Tennies.  She referenced reading a cute interview another blogger did with her children in regards to running.  I read her post and then followed along a link train, reading other interviews.  Some of the answers made me laugh out loud!!  After reading all of these fun interviews, I was intrigued about what Hayden’s answers might be.  I was a little worried what her answers might be.  She’s 12 and there is no idea what she might say.  Wish me luck! Haydenrunningmominterview

1. What does mom eat before a run?

Hayden:  You have a Diet Coke, Triscuits and hummus

She knows my post work weekday run snack.  Smart girl!  Yes, a Diet Coke/Pepsi.  I need the mid day caffeine boost.

2. How far does mom run every day?

Hayden:  You have to run at least a mile every day, but sometimes you’ll run 3 or maybe 6.

She’s on it!  Go girl!  I run at least a mile to keep my streak going and my daily average is about 4 miles, longer on the weekends.

3. What was my favorite race?

Hayden: I think it might be Flying Pirate.

She’s guessed one of my favorites, for sure.  We run Flying Pirate every year and it’s become as much of a family weekend as a running weekend.  My absolute favorite race yet?  Nike Women Half in DC.

4. Why do you think mom runs?

Hayden: (singing) Because it’s a stress reliever.

Yes, ma’am!  It is one of the many reasons I run, but running does make me feel better.

5. Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?

Hayden:  Is the sky green?

Me: Would you say no?

Hayden: Yeah, I’d say no.

Her response for everything, “Is the sky green?” It’s the new “When Pigs Fly?”

Hayden ran for a few years with the Go Far program and as a family, we’ve run a few 5K’s together.  Even though she’s wicked fast when she runs, it’s not her thing.  She went into retirement a few years ago.

6. Have you learned anything from a mom who runs?

Hayden: I’ve learned never to give up because not giving up shows you can do anything.

12 and so smart!  You are so right, Hayden.  I hope that you remember to keep at something if it is important to you.

7. What else does mom do?

Hayden: You do Body Pump.

Yes, I do.  We also do at home workouts occasionally.

8. What is the least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?

Hayden: You come home and smell bad.

Awesome.  Thanks, girl. And there is a typical 12 year old answer.

9. Do you think you will run at my age (41)?

Hayden: Is the sky red?

I’m taking that as a no, hell no.

10. What is mom’s favorite post race food and/or drink?

Hayden: After a normal run, you’d have Diet Pepsi and Triscuits.  If it was a big race, you’d go out with everyone and eat Mexican food. 

She’s pretty close on the post race meal.  She’s right, we do all go out and celebrate!  I do love some Mexican food before and after a race.  I also like to have an ice cold brew too!

For the record, I eat and drink more than Diet Pepsi and Triscuits. lol

Now it’s your turn!  What do you think your kiddos would say to these questions?

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Go be awesome! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “My Running Mom Interview

  1. I just read Mary Beth’s interview with her kids and I loved yours, too! This is such a cute idea. Your daughter is definitely watching everything you do 🙂 And, who knows, maybe when she’s older the running thing won’t seem so crazy after all!

    Right now, my oldest son would answer some form of “Mommy, run?” to every question and the baby would probably grunt or something. I hope my kids are interested in mommy’s running when they get older! That would mean so much to me 🙂
    Amy @

    • She was much more in tune to what I do than I thought. I think at her age she is trying to find out who she is and being a replica of me isn’t it. ha!! She’ll find her way. I just want her to pick up more on being healthy whatever that looks like for her. I’m telling ya though, if I had her gait and speed. Whew!! She’s got a hidden talent there. 🙂

  2. Love it! Thanks for linking back to me!! Pre-teens, they are so fun aren’t they? I’m impressed that she got them all right!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Now don’t you feel good mom? She is a great kid! & she is watching! So please eat more than a triscit today! And I learned new slang today, 12 year old are fun 🙂

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