Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan

Happy Sunday to you all!

I’m pacing the Race 13.1 Greensboro half marathon this morning and I’m super excited to have the opportunity to pace a hometown course again.  The weather looks to be cooperating, not too hot!  Thank goodness!

This week is looking to be pretty quiet.  I better go find some wood to knock on!



Monday – 1 mile and BodyPump class

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – 4 miles

Thursday – 3-4 miles

Friday – 1 mile

Saturday – 6-7 miles (backing down mileage)

Sunday – Race the Bar 5K at the Pig Pounder Brewery

Meal Plan

  • Pork al Mojo with black beans and rice
  • Tarragon Chicken and Wheat Berry Salad
  • Cuban-Style Beef Picadillo with red beans and rice
  • Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas

What’s on your fitness and meal plan this week?  Anything exciting?

Check out other bloggers’ Fitness and Meal Plans every Sunday at Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health and Happiness.

Go be awesome! 🙂


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