Friday Five: Summertime Running

Spring is here and we’re slowing rolling to summer here in NC!  With record breaking temps this week, now is the time to start looking at what you might need for running this summer and what things you can do to help your runs be a little bit more enjoyable in the warmer months.

#1 Sunscreen

Until about a year ago, I never thought to put on sunscreen to run.  I’ll be honest.  I just would head out and run, not giving a thought to putting on sunscreen.  Last summer, I started putting on sport sunscreen on my face.  I bought a clear stick which is helpful in a pinch and I keep it in my running bag.  I will sometimes put sunscreen on my shoulders and neck, but I don’t always remember.

#2 Hats and visors

One way to help with keeping the sun off your face is by wearing a hat.  I don’t usually run in a hat, but on super hot days, I like to soak a hat in cold water.  I’ve actually stuck a hat in the freezer before.  I like to give myself a fighting chance on some of those steamy days.  I notice that if I keep the hat wet and cool, it helps keep my body temperature down a lot longer.summerrun

#3 Freezy pops

I’ve finished many a run from home by heading straight to the freezer, grabbing a freezy pop.  It’s the perfect post run treat.   There are even some that are targeted towards runners, Power Ice.  I received a sample in one of my Stride Boxes.  They were so good!  I need to buy some for this summer.

#4 Summer Gear

I tend to look for tanks that are light and breathable.  You all already know I love my Under Armour Heat Gear tanks, but a close second in the hot months are the almost sheer D’lite tanks by Brooks.  I have a light blue one and it is perfect when temps are high!  I love that it is sheer, but I’m still covered.  I’m not a run in a sports bra and skirt only kind of girl.  I prefer to a bit more coverage. 

#5 Carry or Drop Water or Gatorade

About this time of year, I start carrying water with me on any runs over a hour if I know that water isn’t available along the route.  For most of our group’s long runs, we either pick routes that take us by water fountains or someone volunteers to drop water.  I personally like to carry my own water.  I wear a Nathan waterbelt filled with Essentia water.  Some people prefer a handheld water bottle.  Find something that works for you!

What are some of your summertime tricks of the trade?  Any hints?

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26 thoughts on “Friday Five: Summertime Running

  1. I found a good sports sunscreen for my face by neutrogena. Doesn’t cause breakouts. But I have a stick that I carry with me to get me ears and sometimes my cheeks get a touch up. I’m definitely going to track down those Power Ices. What a great idea!

  2. Those freezy pops look good! I usually just steal the kids! 🙂

    I always run in a hat, but I need to remember to put sunscreen on my bare arms.

  3. I need to start wearing hats when I run or invest in a visor. I love the idea of putting it in the freezer before you head out!

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