This Moment

Happy Wednesday!  Not only is today halfway through the week, but it’s also a special day for someone who has my heart, my creative, funny, life loving daughter, Hayden.  She’s turning 12 today and I’m just in complete disbelief how quickly time has gone by.  It seems that just yesterday, she was a little baby.  When you hear that time goes by in the blink of an eye, it’s so true.

This Wednesday’s One Word is Moment and there couldn’t be a more perfect word for today!

Living in the moment is not my strongest suit.  I’m actually quite terrible at it, but I surprised myself this past weekend and did just that…lived in the moment.

My sister called to see if Hayden wanted to tag along with her and my nieces to go to the park and the Farmer’s Market.  I had just finished running and I was coming home just as she pulled up to pick Hayden up.  I had plans to do some things after running, but my sis asked if I wanted to come too.  I had a moment when I thought, I need to take a shower, I’m tired, etc.  I just let that go and said yes.  I took a quick shower (I couldn’t totally let go!) and was out the door in 10 minutes.  Nick joined in the fun too!  We spent the afternoon having an absolute blast!  Don’t let the faces fool you, my youngest niece put us in “jail”.  This was our jail selfie. parkdayparktime

I lived in the moment again when Hayden and her three friends asked if they could clean out the garage.  Our garage is our storage unit.  It’s a mess.  Things are everywhere and we bought a portable dumpster to help rid ourselves of the clutter.  I just wasn’t ready to tackle this huge job yet.  Hayden was persistent.  I let go and said yes.  Within in one hour, they had cleared the garage of 80% of the mess.  Sure I went back through and looked at what they had thrown away, but after searching through a few bags, I gave up and figured if it was in the dumpster, it was meant to be.  bagster

By the next day, The Club was up and running.  Hayden and her friends turned our nearly empty garage into their hangout.  They set it up with a old couch, a TV, a small fridge, a table with chairs, and a place to do homework.  They had this grand master plan and cleaning the garage was the only thing they needed to pull it all together.  They spent hours in there Sunday afternoon.  They were stoked!  It truly made my Mother’s Day having a house full of kiddos eating pizza, watching TV and hanging out in the garage.  It made Hayden happy so it made me happy. theclub

From just these two things, I learned that living in the moment needs to happen more in my life.  It makes the people I love the most the happiest and how could I not want that for them?  The moment matters.  It just does.

So for Hayden’s 12th year, I’m giving her the moment.  We’re going on more adventures, we’re creating more memories, and we’re doing more “stuff”.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl! We love you!meandhHow do you live in the moment?  Are you good at it or is it a struggle for you too?

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Go be awesome! 🙂

8 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. I definitely need to work on this too! Good for you and so glad you had fun! Happy Birthday Hayden!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hayden!! I think your gift to her of the ‘moment’ is the best gift a child can ever receive. Enjoy each other!

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