Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Hi all!  Phew wee!  What a week!  I’ve been going 100 miles an hour this week.  Between work, running, and home, I’m keeping busy.  When I finally sit down at night, I’m too tired to blog.  I’ve hated being MIA for a while, but I think I can get some posts started this week.  Fingers crossed!


I’m happy that’s it Thursday so I can let the words flow and not be tied to a certain topic.  So here it goes!Thinking-Out-Loud

Tonight is my baby’s orchestra concert!  I’m super excited about going.  We had to miss the Winter one because she was really sick with the flu.  I can’t wait to hear them play tonight.  I’ve secretly waited until the concerts started.  Hayden’s not a real sporty type so she’s not into playing soccer or softball or volleyball.  Arts are her thing and we can’t wait to cheer her on today!

We’re still loving Hello Fresh!!  Our newest box showed up yesterday, but super late.  We were bummed!  I’m so excited each week to check out the menu choices and we’ve made picking out meals a family affair.  We each pick one that we want to try.  Hayden automatically gets the veggie option, she’s a vegetarian now and doing great at it.  She’s eating super healthy.  I was concerned with her decision and told her if I noticed that she wasn’t eating well, then she’d have to add back in white meat.  I see a lot of younger people choosing to be a vegetarian here at school, but their meals are awful.  Doritios and a cookie at lunch only.  That is not what being a vegetarian is about!  She’s enjoying the meals we’ve been picking too.  We usually pick ones with great veggie sides and we make her a meat substitute food (usually chik nuggets, black bean burgers, etc.) for her protein.  If we could only get her to eat some seafood, then we’d have it a bit easier, but she won’t do it.  Nick and I are also joining in the spirit and not adding meat to the veggie option and we try to order only white meat (chicken and pork) and seafood options. We failed for next week.  They had Argentine Steak as an option.  We couldn’t pass it up.

Speaking of meat…

Cara’s hubby is participating in a BBQ cook-off this weekend and we are so excited to go!   He’s a chef and he rocks!  I can’t wait to try all the different types of BBQ.  Participants get to vote for their favorite.  I’m pretty biased already based on some awesome ribs Andy made one time for us at a cookout.  He should have this in the bag, but we’ll be there to add in votes in his favor!

Wait!!  I got through this whole thing and didn’t talk about running!?  What is wrong with me?!  ha!


I’m running what I want based on how I feel and what’s going on that day.  I love some non-plan following running.  Keeping my weekend long run just high enough for the Race 13.1 Greensboro race next weekend.  I’ll be out there pacing the 2:30 group again this year!!  Cara and Christine are running it for fun so I’m hoping they’ll want to hang together for the race, but if they feel good, I want them to roll on.  Christie and Johnny are back to pacing 2:15 and we have other friends who will out there running and cheering.  It will make for a fun race!

So what’s on your mind? What are you thinking about?  Share it with me!

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Happy Week!


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12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. I can’t believe a vegetarian school lunch consists of just Doritos and a cookie. Have they heard of vegetables!? o_o

    But on an entirely different but still-food-related note, Argentine Steak sounds awesome! :O

  2. Sounds like a great week- I love how you all are picking meals out as a family. My children are artsy too so I spent many years at concerts, marching band events etc. Love it! I hope you have a great Mother’s day weekend!

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