Weekly Rundown

I’m finally in no training, just running mode!  I’m pacing Race 13.1 in a few weeks, but other than that, it’s all 5 and 10K’s for me.  This has been an enjoyable running week and I hit a super duper big milestone on Thursday.weeklyrundown


Monday – 1 mile “rest” day

Tuesday – 4.03 miles with the girls.  The air was super thick and a few of us had a really tough time breathing. It was a struggle during some parts of that run.

Wednesday – 2.25 miles along the Reedy Creek Trail in Raleigh.  There is this awesome bridge that goes across the highway.  Every time we drive under it when we head to Raleigh, I always want to stop and run on it.  Well, I finally got the chance!  Cindy and I headed there after our Fellow Flower interview.  After we crossed the bridge, I had a City of Oaks flashback when I realized that we were right by the “Steep Grade Climb” at mile 23 of the full. reedycreektrail

Thursday – Today was my 730th day of my running streak.  I have run at least a mile for 2 years!  Holy Moly!  I ran a early mile in the morning, not wanting to jinx it.  They were calling for rain and storms in the afternoon and I was super fearful that I wouldn’t get a run in later.  Cara, Christine and I met to run and we got in 1.23 miles.  (1 for year one, 2 for year 2, and 3 for moving towards year 3)…past, present and future!  We spent the rest of the evening shopping.  It was a perfect way to celebrate!day730

Friday – This was the day runners dream about!  The rain had pushed through and the air was cool and the sun shining, but not too hot.  I had to run!  I ran 4.07 miles around my neighborhood.  I’m back on the HR training and I kept my HR under 145.  Avg HR 129fridayrun

Saturday – I headed out for a run before Christine and I head to Charlotte for our two day concert!!  I got in 7 miles. I ran with Nathan and we had a really good run. Avg HR 130

Sunday – Christine and I got up a bit early so that we could get a run in before our second day of the Carolina Rebellion. Unfortunately, there wasn’t sidewalks for long so we made loops on a side street. We got 1.5 miles in and called it a day! 

Total Miles: 22.08

Year to Date: 480.8



Monday – Pea and Asparagus Gnocci

Tuesday – Dinner out with the girls

Wednesday – Hummus wrap with tomatoes and cucumbers

Thursday – Salmon with citrus quinoa and an arugula salad

How did your week go??  

Happy Week!


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