Friday Five: Gear I Love

Happy Friday all!  We have made it!

I have been looking forward to this week’s Friday Five prompt:  5 brands we love!  No better way to give props to our favorite gear!

Here is my 5 favorites:

1. RunningSkirt Brand

It is no big surprise that I am a running skirt junkie.  I love them and will rarely (except for my favorite pair of Lululemon shorts) anything but skirts once the weather breaks and on the rare warmer day even in the winter.  I bought my first runningskirt in the summer of 2012.  I instantly fell in love with this plaid skirt and channeled my inner Brittany Spears.  It was later deemed my PR skirt because every race I ran in it, I PR’ed.  Here was the start of it, the PTI 5K on the Runway:198257_3648784972909_1464981828_n

I was hooked!  I bought a few more over time and now own more than I care to admit.  I’m guessing at least 25…it might be more.  I started treating myself with a new skirt for each milestone race.

What I love about these skirts:  I only wear their athletic skirt with the longer undershorts (no thigh gap here!) to help reduce chafing.  I love the side pockets, perfect for holding nutrition, keys, an ID and a few bucks in races and training runs.  I love that they are modest.  They provide adequate coverage and I don’t feel like my booty is hanging out the back.  I adore the cute patterns and prints!  So many fun ones to choose from!

2. Adidas Boost

This is quite possibly the running shoe that changed my thoughts about running shoes.  Up until I tried the Boost, I was wearing two other brands and although I liked them, I still felt like they weren’t the right shoe for me.  Being a heavier runner and a heel striker from way back, I need shoes with a lot of cushion.  I also have custom inserts to help offset some of the shock from heel striking.  On a whim at the Lynchburg half in 2013, there was an Adidas shoe rep who was asking runners to wear their demo shoe in the race.  I tried on a pair of them and instantly said yes!  They were super cushy but I could still feel the pavement.  I met the rep race day morning and wore the demo shoes for a half marathon.  I was sticking with my friend, Kathy, who laughed and said either this plan was going to go well or it wasn’t.  It was a brave move to demo shoes for a race, let alone 13.1 miles.  It was a win!  I loved them!  I headed back home and as soon as I needed new shoes, I bought my first pair. I’ve been running in them since!1378008_10201287634727556_1234962345_n

What I love about them: The fit is great.  I have fairly narrow feet and I feel like they support my mid-foot well but leaves me enough room in the toe box.  The Boost material is awesome!  It never breaks down.  I’ve run upwards of 600+ miles on the pairs I have owned and they still do not feel “flat” or “dead”.  The outer sole will wear out first!  I still wear my older pairs for cross training and wouldn’t think twice about putting them on for a short run in the rain to save my newer ones.  The cushiness of the shoe is great but as mentioned, you still don’t lose touch with the pavement.

3. Under Armour Victory Tank Heat Gear

I’m a sweater.  Bad.  And pretty much all year, I do what I can to have at least one body part slightly cold so that I can stay at a reasonable temperature while running.  I try to never overdress and I’ve run plenty of winter races in a tank and skirt.  In the summer, I have to find gear that can help to keep me as cool as possible.  I tried the Under Armour Victory tanks when I first started running and it is my go-to tank all year.  I own lots of them, all black.  It’s kind of my thing.  I’ve since bought other UA heat gear tanks and sleeveless tops and they are awesome!

Hey, look!  It’s the tank and that plaid skirt again! 🙂 935130_10200357156466181_1116099499_nWhat I love about this tank:  Firstly, the fact that the heat gear is designed to wick sweat away from my body and to keep me cool, that’s a win!  Also, the fit is really flattering and I love that it is a longer length tank.  I want to keep myself covered when I run and there is not much riding up when I wear it.  These have a slight ribbed texture to them, but not rough.  They also stay light weight even when I’ve sweated a ton.  They do not get heavy and droopy.  No one likes a droopy misshapen tank!   They aren’t too low cut in the front either.  I’m rather small busted but I like to stay covered on the top.

4. Fellow Flowers

My friend, Christie, found Fellow Flowers in 2013 and quickly shared it with our running group.  It was a company started by two women who were starting “a women’s running movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reasons women run.”  All of the things they were sharing and posting online spoke to us immediately!  Women are asked to find the flower that speaks to them.  Each flower stands for something different and just like all of us, we chose flowers based on what they meant for us.  My first flower was the black one, Rockstar, and bright pink, Worthy.  I know have all but three of them, adding them as my running journey has changed.  Christie just recently sent me the green one, Courage, for my birthday.  I never thought that one spoke to me, until just recently.  I read the meaning behind the color and loved the phrase…Falling in love-with who you are meant to be.  Pretty fitting for turning 41 and finally feeling like I’m at that place.  Nowadays, I tend to wear yellow the most because I am running happy. 11157354_804745076247089_6917600924944143480_oWhat I love about them: I love that although you might find yourself connecting with one meaning the most, there are times in our running journey and life that other flowers speak to you.  I love the community of women runners that has grown from this.  Very supportive women, excited about running and fitness!  I love the strangers I’ve met or connected with in races, simply because we are Fellow Flowers.  We encourage each other in races, wave to each other at times, and get excited when we see other flowers along race courses.  I like the messages behind the flowers too.  I like that the flowers have connected our group as well.  We are the girls who wear the flowers! 🙂

5. Bracelets

Not necessarily running gear, I know…but this is part of my daily gear.  I love them!  I wear a different one every day, but the thing they all have in common is there is meaning behind them.

Lenny and Eva: My hubby gave me my first Lenny and Eva bracelet for our anniversary a couple of years ago.  We were on vacation at the beach and I instantly fell in love with it and I had to have it!  I know have added a few more sentiments and bracelets to my collection and even bought Hayden her first set, as well.

Momentum Jewelry:  I treated myself to this awesome wrap bracelet.  I picked the quote I thought that best fit me.  I love it’s durability and that you can wear it when you work out and wash the band only.  It’s super soft and looks great with other bracelets.

Trust Your Journey:  I stumbled upon these one time on Facebook and instantly thought they were so cool.   I bought the Share bracelets for the girls in Tampa as a way to celebrate our journey towards Gasparilla.  The idea behind it is that there is no greater joy than sharing your journey with someone.  I’ve since bought bracelets for other friends and family.bracelets


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30 thoughts on “Friday Five: Gear I Love

  1. I love fellow flowers. I bought the Orange ones for my Ragnar team in 2013. I really love their soft cotton T-Shirts…I frequently wear the one that says “Rock Star”

  2. great list! i love the adidas boost as well. last weekend i got to try the new ultra boost in a local 5k and holy cow! everything we love about the boost plus MORE. so great. i will be buying a pair soon 🙂 have a great weekend!

  3. I love those bracelets! :]! Can’t wear any right now because I’m on my surgery rotation and don’t want much of anything on my wrists, but they’re really cute!

    I’ve never tried running in a skirt, but I may have to try that…25 is impressive! 😛

  4. I just recently heard about Fellow Flowers. It’s a wonderful idea and I need to get my first one! I too am a skirt junkie but I don’t have a RunningSkirt. I don’t know why!! PS. My sister’s name is Melanie.

  5. I’m also a skirt lover! Though my preferred brand is SKirt Sports (I’m an ambassador) I’ve never tried Running Skirts. Either way, they look adorable and I love how the shorts underneath always have pockets! I’m totally a convert now. Anything that fits my super huge iPhone 6+ is a win in my book!

  6. I have never heard of Fellow Flowers but will have to go and check out their website. Love the cute bracelets. I have momentum which I love but will have to check out these other companies now too!

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