Goal Checkin’ – Spring Edition

This Tuesday on the Run is all about checking in and giving a Spring Training update.  I realized that I completely failed to post any kind of March goal check.   I think secretly I didn’t want to admit that I’ve made NO progress on my cooking.  Another month of a big ol’ F for cooking.  I decided it might be time to look back at my 2015 goals now and make some changes.  What better time than Spring to do some “spring cleaning” of my goals and intentions.


Run this Year Smartly : A+

I’m still giving myself an A+.  I have been running every day, maintaining good consistent weekly miles, and using my HR monitor on most of my runs.  I am nearing 2 years of a run streak at the end of this month and for now, I’m not considering stopping. I made a plan leading me to marathon training the end of June. I hit the 300 and 400 mile mark so far!bib2015-4

Branch Out and Be Brave: A

I was all about being brave running the Tobacco Road Marathon in March.  It ended up being a super race, despite the tough course!  I signed up for the Run the Bar series, varying distance races throughout the summer.  A group of us also headed to the Gibbs’ for their Running Club night.  It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back!  I also rejoined the Greensboro Running Club. 

(Try to) Live in the Moment: A

Spring Break brought out the best in me!  Nick was heading to Augusta during break for the gold tourney so it was a great time for Hayden and I to also head out of town too.  We had a great time and enjoyed not making any definite plans.  Each day, we’d decide what we’d like to do and went with the flow.  We went shopping, spent time at the beach, and even fed the turtles! feedingturtles

Get Back to Cooking: F

Big ol’ F…still.  BUT, we are doing something about it.  We finally gave in and ordered Hello Fresh.  Nick’s co-worker has been raving about it and she had an code saving us $40 off our first box.  We receive it the week on April 21st so I’ll be sure to provide an update on how we liked it.  I love that you get to pick your entree choices.  We ordered meals that would make good vegetarian options for Hayden.

Find a New Love: B

I’ve hit BodyPump again, which I love.  I’ve added my core work back into my weekly workout.  The thing that I’m probably enjoying the most is that on Sundays, I’m meeting Christie and Amy on Sundays for a WOD and easy run.


How would you “grade” yourself up to this point?  Anything that needs a little more attention?  What are you already rockin’?

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Happy Week!


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20 thoughts on “Goal Checkin’ – Spring Edition

  1. I do monthly check-ins and they’re SO helpful to stay accountable on my goals! I’ve been managing all of them pretty well, except for cutting back on spending. My goal was to spend under $100 a month on non-necessities and I’ve gone over by a bit every month :-/ oh well..you win some and lose some!

  2. I think I fail on the cooking front too. It’s so much easier to just eat out! Especially now that I have two jobs and usually work 14 hour days. I like the Hello Fresh idea, I may try that because a friend of mine got that and likes it a lot.

    As for running I’d say I have an A in that! I’ve met every big goal I set for myself, and even exceeded my expectations on some of my races! I can’t wait to see what fall brings for me- a little sad that spring “season” is technically over down here though.

  3. I think you’re doing really great on the rest of your goals! Cooking can be hard to get into, but Hello Fresh sounds like it’ll be an awesome option for you! Looking forward to reading about your experience with it! :O

  4. You are doing just fine with those goals Melanie!!! Sending you a HUGE pat on the back from Florida 😉 lol and for myself the only thing I want to improve on is upping my mileage and being consistent with it which I think will start taking care of itself no that this injury is about 100% completely behind me.

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