The Ultimate Health and Fitness Getaway

Quick! Think of a place you’d go for a health and fitness getaway!  Is it a yoga retreat?  Is it a running race-cation?  Is it a girls’ trip?  Somewhere for you and your special someone?

Although, I’d love to say it’d be somewhere Nick and I could go away, I just don’t see us choosing a place that would be a health and fitness getaway.  I see our dream trip more of an all inclusive tropical location vacation.  I’d take the week away from exercising and running (less the daily mile) and just live in the moment, be lazy, eat and drink until we are merry and just be.  It’d be a good for the soul kind of trip!  Just him and me!

I’m not sure I see myself taking a spa trip or a yoga retreat trip either.  I’m probably one of the only people who dislikes massages and pedicures.  I just don’t enjoy it and it frankly creeps me out.  I’ve tried both, but I just can’t do it.  I’m fine going to get adjustments for my hip and back but that’s not touchy…  Yoga really isn’t my “thing”.  I enjoy it when I take classes but I’d need something a little bit more less introspective and calm.  It could be part of a trip but not the main focus.

So that leaves, running!  I mean, you probably figured that’s where this was going.

I’d choose a running focused trip and it would most likely be an all girls trip.  After Gasparilla, I realized that a vacation (other than within a two-state radius day trip) and girls running getaway is the best of both worlds!  Is it healthy and involve fitness?!  Yes, if we pick one of those challenge races, then we’re spending a lot of the time running. We also through in some planks, easy running, walking, etc.

It’s also full of laughing, talking, and learning more about each other.  I learned so much about Christine and Cara in our 10+ hour car trip to Florida!  We never turned on the radio.  Not once.  We talked, we answered questions from If…(Questions For The Game Of Life), we looked for state license plates, we drank Starbucks Iced Coffee drinks like it was our job, etc.  All good, fun things!  I feel like the car ride was just as much a part of the whole trip as was the actual vacation.

So for my ultimate health and fitness getaway:

I’d choose a Challenge type race somewhere, maybe Disney or Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival or Flying Pig 3-way Challenge.  Enlist a few friends to come along for the adventure and plan an awesome trip!  Choose a place to stay, restaurants to try, and places to visit!  It would be an awesome trip!

What would you choose?  What’s your ultimate health and fitness getaway?  Share it with me!

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Happy Week!


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13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Health and Fitness Getaway

  1. I would opt for a running based vacation getaway and these are on the top of my list:
    1) Minnesota – Twin Cities or Grandma’s Marathon
    2) Colorado
    3) Seattle
    4) Arizona – Mountain to Fountain 15k
    5) London – London Marathon

    That’s just the short list haha lol 🙂

  2. im more like you…I don’t think I could totally relax for a week. An hour, sure, maybe even a day but after that is get bored and need to throw some action in there. I’ll have my dream trip up later on the blog and you can tell me what you think…hint….it involves mud! Of course 😉

  3. Yayyyy for tropical locations! ❤

    I wouldn't be able to do a running one just because I suck butt at enjoying running (sigh), but you can't go wrong with awesome trips with great friends + food destinations!

  4. Love the honesty. And, what a cool trip to Florida you had! Ok, I completely agree about the runcation. SIGN ME UP. I have never planned one, but I need to start. It sounds IDEAL!!! : ) Thanks for the great post. I loved it. #fitfamlove

    • It’s one of my favorite parts of running, planning race-cations! We have such a great time! Our big family race trip is coming up in just a week! 17 of us all head to the Outer Banks for a weekend of fun and run! 🙂 You need to plan one soon! It’s a great excuse to head out of town, if even for just a night.

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