Wordless Wednesday: Inspire Me!

It’s that time in the week when I link up with the Fit Dish!  This week’s topic is all about those friends, family members, running partners, etc. that inspire us to live healthy and happy!  Without the support of these people, we’d likely not achieve nearly or have has much fun!  I thought instead of posting why all these people inspire me to be healthy, a wordless-ish Wednesday seemed more appropriate!

These are the special people in my life that inspire me to not only be healthy, but to be my best, my happiest and me!

My family! 2014-07-25 11.47.51-1

My running family (and that’s not even all of them!!)


Other friends we know through running!

2015-02-07 15.43.14 image 1932497_10152430492751347_7163308195174274940_o

RunnerDude’s Pink Power Run (photo from Facebook)

And blogging friends!  Here’s just a few!


Taking the Long Way Home

Flying Feet in Faith

Stamped With A Heart

Fairy Burger

Road Runner Girl

Run Away With Me

Who inspires you to live healthy and to be the best you?  Share with me!

Check other posts at the Fit Dish Linkup and become part of the #fitfam by heading over to Jill Conyers at JillConyers.com, & Jessica Joy at TheFitSwitch.org.

Happy Week!


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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Inspire Me!

  1. Awww…I’m thrilled to be included in your group! You inspire me…you never complain and you just keep pushing through your training! Your positivity is infectious!

    I have to say at the moment, my oldest son is my biggest inspiration and my biggest frustration at the moment. Instead of pummelling him, I’ve taken my frustration to the road. I’m determined not to let him kill my mojo. In the long run, this is helping me stay strong as we deal with his issues. It’s not easy but it’s working better than I could imagine.

  2. Thanks for the mention chica!! Family and running friends are great! My inspirations are my deceased mother and my family. And showing my kids the benefits of being active instead of sedentary.

  3. Wow, what a HUGE running family! I love how you are part of such a big community. AWESOME. Shoot, I need to get more running buddies. I only have a handful. It looks kind of silly now. Well, luckily runners are super friendly, so I can make more running friends! : ) Also, your family is beautiful!

    • A few is always better than none!! I’d never go as far or as often if I had to run every run solo. Running is so social for me. Greensboro is a pretty running friendly community too. You should see our Saturday morning runs!! Tons of runners meet up at the same location. It’s pretty awesome!

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