Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs!

Hopefully, you started singing along when you read that title!  I actually love Tesla’s version of the song, but anything by Tesla is a win for me too!

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run is all about the spectators and those crazy race signs they come up with!  I rarely run with my phone to take pictures for races but I have seen plenty of great race signs.

Here’s a brief list of some of the favorite on course signs I’ve seen:

1. The giant heads.  In Richmond, Cara and I were chased along the course by a giant head of a guy’s girlfriend.  She must have been right around us, because every few miles, we’d see her giant head flying high above a sea of spectators.  It cracked us up!

2. The Power signs.  I love seeing the “Touch here for Power” signs.  For whatever reason, I feel really superstitious whenever I see them.  I’m afraid if I don’t touch it, I’ll crap out.

3. Anything that has to do with poo, farting, not wearing underwear, etc.  People who make these signs know their runners!  Bathroom talk is always funny and it keeps it all lighthearted.

4. The “You’re Almost There!” signs early in a half or marathon.  We laugh at these because either the person has no clue we really aren’t almost there or they are just being cruel.

5. “The spectating is tougher than what you are doing” signs.  They get me every time.  One guy listed all the things he had to do to get ready for to spectate and we just had to run.  It was pretty funny!

I also have to share some of my favorite personal race signs!

For my first marathon, my friend, Lauren, made some great signs.  Mine was awesome!  Except that she spelled my name wrong.  ha!!  I looked perturbed in the picture for affect.  I still crack up about it now!  It’s funny!signs

Who can resist a cutie kiddo in a pirate hat?!  Even better she had made signs for all of us running the first Flying Pirate race in 2010.  I can’t believe how little my baby girl was! 🙂 sign2

In 2013, she came to cheer me on in the Nike Women’s Race. 🙂 sign3

I ran the Baltimore half in 2013 and my friend, Jen, made a sign for me!  The weather did not cooperate and it was too cold and rainy for them to stand outside during the race so we met them for a post race lunch instead.  It was so great to see them!!sign6

A few of us went to cheer on friends at the Rock n Roll Raleigh race last year and we couldn’t go and cheer without signs!  These were a few of the ones we made.  sign5

What are some of your favorite race signs? Share them with me!

Looking for more fun race day signs, check out Tuesdays on the Run posts here.  See what other runner’s are sharing!

Happy Week!


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