Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air….kind of!  If you’re living in VA and MD like some of my friends, the first day of Spring brought snow?!!  Here in NC, we’re dealing with a cold, dreary kind of day.  But March always seems to suffer with an identity crisis for a while until it finally figures out that it is a Spring month.

Regardless of what crazy weather we are seeing today, soon enough, the flowers and trees will be blooming, sunshine and warmer days will be on their way!  I’m pretty excited for it!dandelion2

This Friday’s Five is all things Spring!  Our favorites and all the things this season brings!

1. Spring time running

I’m so ready for some warmer weather.  Although yesterday and today felt more like winter, the days of tees, tanks and skirts is almost here full time!  I can’t wait to not freeze for hours after a long run, sitting outside on patios and the return of our Taco Thursday runs!  I am also looking forward to not following a training plan of any sorts.  My goal is keep up my miles, run some shorter distance races (5K’s and 10K’s), pace a half marathon and complete another Flying Pirate Challenge in April.

2. My birthday

I’m a March baby!  I’ll be celebrating the big 4-1 soon enough!

3. Longer days

Longer days mean more time to run in the evenings.  Until just a week ago, we were having to squish in all our runs while we had daylight.  Now, we can start joining Runnerdude’s Wednesday group again and take part in a new local running club that’s starting up from a local brewery.  It also gives us the option to mix in running and other fun events.  Baseball will be starting back up and it’ll be time to plan our run and Grasshopper game night!

4. Planning our Summer trips

This is the time of year when we start planning out our summer vacation trips.  We are headed back to the beach for a week and are in the process of working on some longer weekend type trips with friends.  I hope to mix some running in on our beach trip and take part in the Island Independence 5K again.  I just haven’t seen a date yet for the race.

5. Spring Break

I still look forward to Spring Break…not in the same way as during college!  Rest and relaxation are on the agenda and a lot of time well spent with my girl.  We always enjoy the time together!  I’m hoping her and I can take a few day trip somewhere just the two of us to hang out.  We’ll see!


What are you most excited about this Spring? Share it with me!

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20 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. I’m a spring baby too (April, although I was supposed to be born in the summer! :O ). I can’t wait til the days get longer too–maybe I’ll finally stop getting tired so early on!

    I love that dandelion picture! :] Hope you enjoy your spring break! 😀 I wish I still had those. ;_;

  2. I LOVE spring! Flowers, sunshine, thunderstorms, running …. April is my son’s birthday and spring break and theeeeeeeen after April I’m looking forward to not having a training schedule and run free miles…5 more weeks to go!

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