Goal Checkin’ – March

Another new month means another check in on my 2015 Goals and Intentions.  Last month, I excelled in some areas and not so much in others.  Let’s see how February panned out!


Run this year Smartly: A+

Another A+ for this month.  I ran Gasparilla silly smart and felt great mowing down all those miles.  I stuck with my HR plan for all the runs, keeping it on track within my MAF limits.  I was surprised how quickly I recovered and even after a 11+ hour car ride, I wasn’t worse for the wear.  I feel really good and strong going into this month’s marathon.  I’m excited to just run! In addition to that, I’m part of Run This Year and with February’s miles, I’ve run 261.25 miles towards my goal of 1500. bib2015-2

Branch Out and Be Brave: A+

This is an improvement from last month.  Gasparilla and our trip gave me the travel bug and we are looking for new races to run.  I’m signed up to pace in Evans, GA (just outside Augusta) in April and I decided to run some shorter distances through the rest of the spring and summer.  I’m already signed up for a few fun races!

(Try to) Live in the Moment More: C

I slipped a bit on this one.  Other than our trip, most of the month was fairly scripted and planned.  Such is life!  With a few open weekends this month, I’m not seeing much improvement on this one.

Get Back to Cooking: F

Yikes!!  I had to give myself a big ol’ F on this one.  Other than a few meals, I didn’t do much cooking.  I did make a few sandwiches and breakfast biscuits on the days we were home for snow, but really?! A sandwich.  Can’t really count that as cooking.  I did make a few meals already this week, so maybe I’ll move up by the end of this month.  But for now, February was a bust.

Find Another Love: C-

I moved up just a wee bit.  My new PiYo DVDs showed up and I’ve done a few of the workouts and I enjoy them a lot!  They are difficult and I’m modifying a lot, but they are good.  Once I run Tobacco Road, I’m hoping to hit some classes at the Y again. reportcardmarch

How would you “grade” yourself up to this point?  Anything that needs a little more attention?  What are you already rockin’?

Happy Week!


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10 thoughts on “Goal Checkin’ – March

  1. I like how you’re actually grading yourself on your goals! :O (And being honest about them! That report card is really cute, hehe.) I would probably get a C in the trying to live in the moment too. 😡

  2. Injury has been keeping my grade kinda low for myself. And nutrition is the biggest thing I need improvement in. I’ve kinda allowed that to go down hill when my injury occurred … ugh!

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