Weekly Rundown

Another successful week!!  Each week we continue to gain miles on our weekends and we just keep meeting those goals.  It seemed so scary when we first started this, really unsure of what it would be like to run so many high mileage runs back to back, but honestly, it’s the way to go!  Depending on how this works, this may be the way to go for my future marathon trainings.


Monday has become my “rest” day.  I run my one mile and spend the rest of the time recovering from the weekend’s runs.

Tuesday – I had a meeting at school so I met Christine and Cara over at our local Fleet Feet to join up with Kay for her weekly running group. It was my first night time run in ages and I enjoyed it a lot!  I got 4 miles in a bit faster and over heart rate.  I was really good the first 1.5 miles, but I wanted to get in 4 miles so I picked up the pace to get back to meet up with everyone.

Wednesday – Cara and I caught up for our weekly run.  We decided to loop the parks which is something we’ve not done in a while.  We got in 4 miles and felt great!

Thursday – I got a mile in before yoga class.  I finally went to class this week.  It was exactly what I needed.  I left with no soreness from the week’s runs, feeling really relaxed and had a great amount of good stretching.

Friday – One mile

Saturday – The tale of three runs!  Christine and I met early to run some miles before Carole, Cara and Henry met up with us.  We ran just at 4.5 miles.  We caught up with everyone and all ran 4 mile loop. Christine and I went to a get together for Declare It Day for just a bit.  Each February, Fellow Flowers celebrates setting goals and several of my friends were hosting a DID party.  We stayed for some snacks, some quick pics and the door prizes before we headed out again to meet the rest of the running group.  We ran back out to meet them and finished up the rest of our miles.  11 miles done!2015-02-07 15.43.14

Sunday – We ran the Massacre Marathon relay as 2 people teams to get our miles in for the weekend.  We had several other friends on teams so it was a lot of fun!!  And talk about amazing weather, the high was in the mid-60’s.  We’ve never had that kind of weather for this event before!!  Totally lucked out!  15 miles done.

I’ll be posting a race recap so check that out soon!

Total miles: 37 miles

How did your week go?  Was it a racing weekend for you?

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Happy Week!

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