Goal Checkin’

We’re a few days into February and it seems like a good time to check back in with my goals and intentions for 2015 and see where I’m at after the first month of the new year.

My daughter just brought her report card home yesterday, so I’m sticking with the theme and I’m going to give myself a goal report card too. 2015goals

Run this year Smartly: A+

I give myself an A+ on this one.  I’ve continued to run based on my HR and I’ve stuck to it now for 8+ weeks.  I’m seeing improvements, listening to my body and taking “rest” days as needed.  I’m still enjoying all my runs and I’m being kind to my body.  I plan on continuing MAF training into the Spring.

Branch Out and Be Brave: A

I’ll give myself an A on this one.  Even though I’m returning to pace several races I’ve done before, I’m signed up to pace a new race in March.  I also signed up for a new race locally, the Growler Gallop 10K in August.  I couldn’t pass up a special price deal around New Year’s.  I’m throwing my name in the hat for the Chicago Marathon once the lottery opens and have a few events I’m looking at as backups if I don’t get in.

(Try to) Live in the Moment More: B-

Until last week, I would have given myself a C for this one.  The struggle with training and back-to-back long runs every weekend doesn’t leave much time to be too spontaneous.  However, we just did something totally crazy and so unlike us, we booked a weekend trip to New York City!!  We were trying to find a weekend to go out of town and nothing was really coming together, but then just like that, we booked a trip!  BAM!  We’re super excited and it’s the first time H’s been to NYC.  I can’t wait to see her face! 🙂

Get Back to Cooking: D-

If it wasn’t for last night’s meal, I would have failed this category.  I haven’t cooked a thing since the start of the year.  Nick’s been a cooking champ and has kept up with meals through all of January.  I got to get off my booty and start helping out.  It can’t fall entirely on him and we have got to stop eating out so much during the week.   I’m already thinking of the rest of this week’s meals.

Find Another Love: D

This one may go up a bit to maybe a C-.  I just recently purchased the PiYo DVD set and have only tried one of the workouts so far.  I’ll do my second one today. This has possibilities!  It combines yoga and Pilates, which I love!  The workouts are generally around 30 min or less.  A huge plus for me!  I’m hoping that I can up this grade to a C by the end of the month.

2015 Goal Report Card

How would you “grade” yourself up to this point?  Anything that needs a little more attention?  What are you already rockin’?

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Happy Week!

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19 thoughts on “Goal Checkin’

  1. I love checking in with my goals to see how I’m doing – I need to do that again soon! Overall, looks like you’re in a great place! Hopefully the cooking motivation will return. I go in phases with it!

  2. Nice job chasing those goals Melanie!!! Injuries have slowed me a bit thus far this year but my major goals are still down the road so I’ve got time on my side 🙂

  3. I’ve grade myself in the past as well. It’s a fun way to look back and see how you are doing. I like your “Run This Year Smartly” and feel that is something I have to do. I’ve injured my hamstring and am in physio now but it’s a long road.

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  5. I love how you did your goal check-in in a report card style. So fun, and way to go with the honesty. Obviously, running goals are a huge strength for you, way to go! I am working on my cooking goals too, and there are def a few others I have earned an F on, but some have some A’s. Thanks so much for the 2015 goal reminder. And way to get started on those PiYo DVDs. 30 minutes at hoe sounds very doable. Go get ’em! and, good luck with the Chicago lottery!

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