Weekly Rundown

Well, this week was filled with running and more running!  I bumped up a lot of miles from last week and that worried me just a little bit, but with support of friends, we knocked all those miles out.  This week wasn’t without some lessons and discoveries too.  Running is always a learning experience for me!


Monday – 1 mile and BodyPump  Here was my first lesson of the week:  If I do BP after one long run, no problem!  After two, not good.  I should have been kinder to my body and my legs.  I was still feeling fatigued in my legs by the weekend.  I’m going to have to do no weights on legs until after Gasparilla or find alternative classes.

Tuesday – 1 mile and week 2 of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred.  Lesson number two:  Should have stretched vs doing the video.

Wednesday – We ended up with a day off school due to ice so that meant I had time to catch up friends to get in some weekday miles!  Cara was running her long run, so she ran some miles ahead and I caught up with her for the last 5.  Amy and Sarah joined us too!  It was great to catch up with them.  Avg HR 120

Thursday – Cara and I met to get 3 miles in.  We ran really well and accidentally ran a negative split run, which as you know with HR training, rarely happens!  Avg HR 129

Friday – One mile indoors Lesson number three:  That bottle of Essentia water I didn’t finish throughout the day.  I always make an effort to finish a 1.5 liter of Essentia before my long runs.  I only got 1/4 of the way through it.  Not good!

Saturday – 10 miles around Salem Lake  It was really chilly at the start of the run.  We had several friends out there with us, running various distances.  Some friends were new to the trail!  We decided to run out 5 miles and back.  I felt pretty good running and we kept up a great pace, rarely having to walk.  By the time, we turned around, I started feeling a bit achy.  It was mostly around my upper back and neck.  I think it’s because my running form was awful as I became fatigued.  I tried several times to straighten back up.  Avg HR 130

Saturday post run – After debating our upcoming long runs, we decided to register for the Massacre Marathon Relay.  We have 13 + 3 miles that Sunday and by running the race, we’ll have a hoodie and a medal now!  It kind of was a no-brainer!  Now, we’ll spend our morning running loops around Country Park.  I’m pretty excited about it! Christine and I are on a two person team: Slow & Low Rock and Run.

Sunday – 11 miles on a hillier than I thought course  We started out well, most of the first part of our run was downhill, but by mile 6.5, we started climbing!  We had some reprieve here and there.  I started feeling achy again, almost like I was getting the flu.  Avg HR 130  I know it’s because I did not properly eat or refuel Saturday.  I didn’t finish all my water.  I had no appetite most of the day. Lesson number four: Eat and drink…good stuff on Saturdays.  I’ll never keep making it through these double runs if I don’t take the time to get in food and water.

We did end Sunday with brunch at the Mad Hatter, my first time there.  I was impressed!  I ordered Huevos Rancheros and a carafe of Bloody Marys.  Something about a Bloody Mary after a run, just hits the spot!

How did your week go?  Did you learn anything this week about your training? 

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Happy Week!

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