Weekly Rundown

I had another awesome running week.  I know sound like a broken record, but this training is so enjoyable and I’m loving each run.  Knock on wood, I haven’t had a bad run since we started this and because I’m running and paying attention to my HR, I’m recovering well after each run and knocking out higher miles with ease.

I’m not running any runs thinking “Oh my gosh, I have 2 more miles!”…I find myself thinking “We just ran 5 miles?! Shut up! I feel awesome!”  I haven’t wished a run to be over yet!  That feeling itself is a reward!


Monday – I ran with Cara for her long run.  I was a little nervous having just ran 7 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, but we ran that 7 like it was nothing.  Seriously. I would have never attempted to run that many high mileage runs next to each other.  We kept a great pace and felt good!  The weather was dreadful…cold rain and highs in the upper 30’s.  We saw only one other group of brave runnergirls out there during our whole run!  Avg HR 129

Tuesday – one indoor mile.  Another gross day and I just wasn’t feeling it.  I didn’t want to get dressed just to go out to run one soggy mile.  Indoor mile, it is!

Wednesday – Hey, what’s that?!  More rain?!  I got outside this time and ran 4 miles around my neighborhood.  I ran my fastest paced run to date on this HR training at 9:48 overall. I was thrilled!  Avg HR 137

Thursday – one indoor mile in between Christmas celebrationschristmasmile

Friday – Christie and I caught up up for a run and lunch.  We got 4 miles in and Wednesday’s best paced run just got beat by this one!  Avg pace overall 9:31 with avg HR 143.

Saturday – We had our first long run of the weekend.  This week was a back down week, so we had 5 miles to run.  Cara was moving her runs around and she had to do 9 miles, so she and I ran 5.5 so that her miles would come out right.  Again, another great run!  Avg HR 132

Sunday – Second run of the weekend, 6 miles. My HR was really good today and I saw two miles under 10 min pace!  I was stoked.  Avg HR 129

I also completed a daily 2 minute plank with a rest day on Thursday and 3 minute plank on Friday.  I’m not sure if these are making a difference yet, but what’s 2-3 minutes a day to try something that might make a change?  Seems worth it!  I will tell you they aren’t getting any easier!

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