A Letter To My Body

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many of us are celebrating all of our accomplishments and reflecting on where we started and where we ended up.  As I think about my year and all that’s happened, it seems fitting to spend just a minute thanking my body for allowing me to do everything that I have asked it to do and how together we’ve made some big changes!  Here’s my thank you letter to my body!

To my Strong, Beautiful Body:

It’s been a heck of a partnership!  Who knew small decisions to be a better me would lead us to this point?!  I loved you enough to quit smoking (nearing 6 years now on the 27th) and made big changes to become more healthy.  Remember that first time I asked you to run again?  You were not happy with me at all.  It had been so long since I had done anything like that to you and I’m so glad you remembered that you used to like to run.  You remembered before I believed it myself.

After those first few runs, we both felt happier and I could tell the change was going to be greater than I thought. I thought just physically, but later realized it was much more than that.  It wasn’t a change to just get me “from” something, but “to” something.  It took me to health, to friendships, to family, to living life fully, to me.  I was running to the become the best me.  Think back to when I had that crazy dream to run a half marathon and I asked you to run 8 miles without any training because my head needed to know that you could do it.  Thankfully, you didn’t let me down!  That was the beginning, the start of our true partnership.

It’s been give and take.  I take too much, you remind me to slow down.  I push too hard, you demand rest.  I think I can do it, you allow me to go for it.  I indulge in any thing too much, you give me heartburn.  🙂

Through it all, you’ve changed too.  When we started this journey 6 years ago, I wasn’t happy with how you looked.  When I looked in the mirror, all I saw were problems.  This was too big, this was too saggy…what was that and where did it come from??  Then over time, those problems weren’t really problems, they were reminders…memories even.  Each bump, mark and scar is something we did together.   How could I be unhappy with that?  How could I be so critical of you?

That stretch mark…that one right there, that is a reminder that I carried a sweet baby.   Those calves that are ridiculously huge, that is a reminder of miles run.  Those gray hairs, that’s a reminder of years of living.  I celebrate you more now, not only for what you look like but what you can do.  I love that my legs are muscular and my calves are kicking!  You can do a BodyPump routine like a champ, allowing me to add more and more weight, you can do 3 minute planks, and you can run for miles.  You can stretch and bend and move in Pilates or Yoga.  You sweat (a little more than I care for).  I’m happy when I look at you now and know that you are the best version of you right now.

Thank you for allowing me to beat you up and not be so kind, but then granting me the ability to fix and to change that.  Thank you for rebounding stronger than ever before.  Thank you now for allowing me to push you to your limits and for picking yourself up, for believing in and remembering me when I need it the most.  Thank you for 40 years and counting!  Thank you for continuing the partnership.  We have big plans and big goals and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!  I promise to love you more each day and celebrate you daily.  Not just today.  Not just at the end of each year.  Every day. You are amazing!


What would you say to your body?  What would you thank it for?

Care to share it with me? Comment below.

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16 thoughts on “A Letter To My Body

  1. Beautiful letter! ❤ I so very much agree with "Thank you for allowing me to beat you up and not be so kind, but then granting me the ability to fix and to change that." ❤ Here's to many more years of kicking butt! 😀

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I love this, Melanie! I love that you’re rocking it at 40 and feeling stronger and more beautiful than ever. It’s truly inspiring! I’m 34 now, so I can related to how you’re looking back 6 years from now and celebrating and embracing your progress — I hope I can be as amazing! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  3. Great reminder to love what we can train our body, what it does for us and the marks that we have earned because we have kids, grown older etc. These are definitely marks of beauty in my book.

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