2014: Run by Numbers

I thought it would be fun to take a snapshot of how my 2014 measured up as far as races run and miles covered.  I’m a numbers geek and I love looking at all that stuff.  I also want to check in with the goals I made at the beginning of the year and see how close I came!2014RunningYear

Here were my 2014 goals:

  • Less races and more frun.
  • Want to complete another ultra distance.
  • Complete two year running streak?!
  • 1316 miles in 2013, 1400+ in 2014?

Less Races, more Frun (fun run)

Well, I’m not sure I ran less races than 2013, but I didn’t “race” as many.   I only raced the Prediction 5K at the start of the year and the Hamilton Lakes 10K wanting to try and improve those times.  The rest were used as training runs or just for fun.  Some of my PR’s were accidental, not my intention at all!  Love when that happens!  So, I ended up with 20 events this year.   I absolutely have a lot more FRUN having paced 5 halfs this year!  I also ran some fun themed races just this month so the Frun level was high even though I technically ran more races.

Another Ultra distance

Completed that at Crooked Road with 43 miles!  I also had no interest in running another marathon after Wrightsville, but ended up with 2 marathons after City of Oaks this year!  Funny how that happens!

Two year running streak

Still streaking!  I’m at day 598 today…599 after this morning’s run.  So as long as I stay healthy, 2 years is in sight!

1400 miles in 2014?

As of this morning, I’m at 1433!  If I hit all my remaining runs for the year, I’ll be around 1475.  That will be about 150 miles more than last year.  That surprises me!  Running every day has helped and heart rate training means that I have less recovery time and can keep higher mileage during the week without wearing myself out.

2014 Race Totals

20 total races

3 5K’s (which included a PR and an Age Group win!)

1 5 miler (PR!)

1 10K (PR!)

1 12K (first time running this race distance)

1 25K (PR!)

1 30K (PR!)

9 half marathons, 5 of those I paced. 🙂

2 marathons

1 Ultra

I still haven’t settled on my 2015 goals just yet, but I have some fairly big dreams of what I might want to do next year.  Some of them scare the crap out of me, but if I am smart in how I train, I think I can do it.  I just need to really think about and make a final decision.

How did your 2014 stack up?  Do you keep track of your yearly miles too?  Any big goals for 2015?

Share them with me!  I’d love to know! Check out other year end wrap ups for Tuesdays on the Run.

Happy Week!


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12 thoughts on “2014: Run by Numbers

  1. You’re a beast! What an inspiration.

    I just recently started my run streak. I’m on Day 19! What’s your minimum distance counted toward your run streak?

    With all the races that you do, how do you find the $$ to pay for them? Would appreciate any tips! I’m fairly new to this ^_^ Thanks in advance!!

    ❤ Jamaica King

    • Good for you!! The minimum distance to count is a mile and I use mine as “rest” days. As far as all my races, with the exception of a few, most were $45 or less! Pacing also gives me a free entry into the race so I saved money there too.

      My beat tip would be to pay for a race as early as you can. Most races have orice hikes and I try to register before the next price hike. We also found coupon codes in Runner’s World for some events too.

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