Friday Five: December Activities

December means joy, fun, and festivities to me and for this Friday Five, I’ll share my top 5 December Activities that make the most of the holiday season!

For starters, I look forward to our yearly Running of the Balls run.  In our 4th year, it never fails to amaze me!  All those balls hanging the trees is just beautiful.  We lucked out this year on the weather too and it wasn’t nearly as cold.  It was perfect!10422103_10203964390724783_750654840298660251_n

I also was excited about holiday themed races.  We just finished the Reindeer Fun Run 12K last weekend and we are headed to Huntersville for a half and 5K tomorrow.  I’m super excited to have another mini girls’ trip and it will be a fun race!  The weather looks to be good!  We enjoy going to dinner and hanging out.  It’s just as much as fun as the race.

I’m looking forward to having 2 full weeks off for our holiday break!  It gives us some time before Christmas to finish up some shopping, bake cookies, and rest and relax.

Christmas! I love getting together with our families and spending time together.  Eating, drinking and being merry!  It just makes me happy.  I love everything about it.  We have Nick’s family over early in the morning, then we head to my family in the afternoon.  We usually have a small get together to go to on Christmas Eve too.

And finally, thinking about the year and all its ups and downs and making plans for the upcoming year.  I like setting goals and making plans, totally Type A…and I like to be retrospective and count the blessings we’ve had throughout the year and to look at how far we’ve come and where we still need to go.

What December activities are you looking forward to? 

Share them with me!  Check out other Friday Five posts here.

Happy Week!


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