2015 Mantra

I just joined a Facebook group for a race and I was reading through the positive posts and I came across a blog that a runner had posted about his experience running the race.  As I was reading it, I stopped when I came to the paragraph where he talked about his goal for the race and he said this…

Numbers are often a focus, but they shouldn’t be.  Numbers don’t make memories…People do.   My memories of this marathon will have little to do with how fast or how slow I ran. (lazy2crazy.com)

I literally read it again and even snapped a picture of it so I’d have a copy on my phone.  This was exactly what I’ve been doing this past year and why I’ve decided to just run for the love of running.  It was great to see this idea through the eyes of someone else.  It made me realize that I’m not alone.  Sometimes the numbers just wear us out and we need to live more in the moment and not just always “rush” to get something done or towards a finish line.  We miss a lot. mantra

I’m adopting this as my 2015 mantra:  Numbers don’t make memories…People do.  I hope that he doesn’t mind. 🙂 With all of my great events I signed up for, not for one minute have I even thought about what my time goal will be for any of them.  The Tampa trip has been all about the experience, being together and taking something on that would be so fun!  It’s about the bling, the post-race party, the downtime at the house…that’s why I signed up!  The same for Tobacco Road Marathon.  It’s about the experience, supporting friends who are running their first marathon and others coming out of retirement.  In both cases, I see all those happy, smiling pictures, not the online results.  It’s not even something I think about.

I guess with age comes wisdom and for me, I want the memories. That’s what I’ll remember years from now and I’ll reminisce about, not the time on the clock or the numbers.  That’s what will make me laugh and smile.  People and memories.

What’s your mantra going to be for 2015?

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Happy Week!


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18 thoughts on “2015 Mantra

  1. I was just trying to find a mantra to use with my mala and cam across “Om Lakini Namaha”, Sankrit for “I activate my power.” I definitely think I will chant that to myself during a hard run or race!

  2. When I race, I always go for the numbers. But if a race isn’t going well, there has to be something to salvage out of it. And that is usually the friendship and fellowship of other runners. This summer I ran a half in August, Zooma chicago. I felt terrible. But my friends got me through it. Sometimes those races are better than the ones we PR. Well, maybe not better, but just as great, in a different way!

  3. That’s an awesome mantra, and something I definitely agree with. We spend too much time caught up in things that don’t really matter in the long run… thereby ignoring the things that -do- matter and regretting it later. I don’t really have a mantra for 2015 yet, but I should probably get on that considering we have like 3 weeks left in 2014 😆

  4. I love this! That’s what I’ve had to remember as I haven’t been training due to my injury. It’s the race itself and the memories you’ll have from it that matter, not how fast you are. Brilliant!!

  5. I love this mantra! I’m a solo runner and rarely get to run with other people, but I agree that it should be more about the memories than my finishing time. I stress out way too much over it! Thanks for sharing!

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