What’s in your bag??

I feel like a game show host right now, playing a game…what’s in your bag?!!myrunningbag

So as one of the queens of over-packing, I’m curious to know what people have in their running or gym bags. I know that I have mine fully packed daily and with winter here, it just got more stuff added to it.

Get ready cause this may take a while. Let the unpacking begin!

The Bag

This bag was an absolute find!  I found it at Goodwill for $1.99 brand new.  It’s an army green J Crew bag with a cute floral print.  It has several pockets and even an attached cosmetic bag.

I have a ton of hats and gloves. 5 hats and about the same number of gloves. The weather can be unpredictable day to day so I always make sure I’m prepared and may have an extra set (or two) if friends need something.  Though not in my bag, I also carry a dry shirt for after my long runs. gear

Tech stuff
Now that I’m watching my HR, I have my strap and watch in my bag. I also have my iPod shuffle in case I want to listen to music on a solo run. I’m also carrying two headlamps for night/early morning runs.techgear

I have a ton of Gold Bond Friction Defense (thanks to Amazon!), face wipes for after a run, and sunscreen.necesities

Random stuff
I have a shiny gold bag from Ipsy that keeps my extra hair ties and jewelry if I go straight to the gym after work. I have a yoga strap from Crooked Road still in there for stretching. A sharpie to write on my hand at races. A spoon?? I think in case I forget one when I eat Noosa yoghurt before some runs. Some old route cheat sheets and a half a sleeve of Margarita shot bloks. Old Hot Hands (which I threw out after the picture)

I also carry my bathing suit bag (aka wet clothes bag) and a cute waterproof bag for my cell phone and other things if I need it when it’s raining. It moved over from the pool bag after summer.randomobjects

So there you have it! Everything that lives in my running bag!

Do you dare to take the challenge?? What’s in your bag?

Share it with me!

Happy Week!





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4 thoughts on “What’s in your bag??

  1. I love awesome Goodwill finds! :] $2 is definitely a steal! 😛 + that wet swimsuit bag is adorable!

    I’ve been meaning to make a “what’s in my gym bag” post for a while…maybe I’ll finally get to it this month! 😛

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