2014 Holiday Runner Gift Guide

December’s here and that means it’s time to start shopping for your favorite runner girl!  Here are some suggestions that will surely get you some extra smooches under the mistletoe. 🙂  P.S. Nick, psst…you might want to read this.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  • Stock your favorite runner’s stocking with their favorite chomps, GUs and beans.
  • Runners love snacks!  Buy some small Clif bars or a bag of snack mix would be perfect!
  • Hot Hands and lip balm.  We can use them for every cold weather run!
  • Running socks  A pair of Feetures! is just the thing!
  • Gift cards to her favorite coffee shop or breakfast place.  After every long run, we usually head out to breakfast.  What a great way to treat your runner!
  • Chocolate.  It has nothing to do with running, but it’s always an acceptable stocking stuffer especially if you add in salted caramel anything with it.
  • Hairbands and hair ties.  We go through a ton of them and we can always use extras.  Try Sweaty Bands. They have a soft velvet finish that stays put.  I prefer the skinny bands vs the thicker ones because I have a small head and fine hair.
  • Think safety!  Add in a few clip-on blinking lights so your runner girl stays safe while running at night.  This light from Nathan is water resistant and clips on just about anywhere.Under the Tree
  • If you are feeling brave, check out your runner’s wardrobe.  Do you notice a bunch of the same brands or styles?  Scope out the sizes and order or buy a complete outfit!  If you aren’t so sure on what might work, a gift card would work great!  I’d never turn down a gift card to Runningskirts or Fellow Flowers.  Extra points if what you buy has thumb holes.  We love thumb holes!
  • Cold weather gear!  Purchase running hats, gloves and running coats.  Not only will it keep her warm, but she’ll look super cute too! I personally like the gloves that have the mitten flap.  It helps to keep my hands warmer than gloves alone.
  • A new 2015 Running Journal
  • Subscription to Runner’s World
  • Purchase a recent race picture and frame it!
  • Is it time for new running shoes? We can always use a new pair of running shoes.
  • Do you have a techie runner?  Consider upgrading her GPS watch or adding in a heart rate monitor.  If she already has those, maybe add in an activity tracker.  Even though I run daily, I like what the Garmin Vivofit has to offer as far as counting daily steps and analyzing sleep patterns.
  • All that training and all those races need to be celebrated!  Why not buy your runner girl a medal hanging rack so she can display all her bling?  We worked hard to get it and treasure each medal.
  • Does your runner need some inspiration?  Consider purchasing something that she can wear daily to motivate her to keep training or remind her why she started running.  I love Momentum jewelry and wear my bracelet every day. 2014-09-18 07.10.28

The Sky’s the Limit

  • Plan a race-cation!  I’m sure your runner girl has mentioned a race or two.  I’m always “planning” or finding races that would be awesome to run.  Pick one and make it a fun trip for the two of you!  You could even share the info with a bunch of the significant others and plan a girls’ race weekend!
  • If you aren’t sure which race she might like, there are tons of options for race series.  Rock n’ Roll offers a Tour Pass where your runner can choose 3 races for one price.  Check at a local running store for options closer to home.
  • Bring the gym to her!  If you have a place to have a home gym, consider purchasing a treadmill.  Your runner will thank you on those days when running outside might just be miserable.

What gifts are you hoping to see under your tree?  What is on your wish list?

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Happy Week!





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21 thoughts on “2014 Holiday Runner Gift Guide

  1. i would love to get a stocking filled with alllll of those things. i’m asking for gift cards to my local running store so i can get fitted for a new pair of shoes, as well as a ton of winter running gear, since it’ll be cold here in chicago for many more months. great list!

  2. I love Momentum Jewelry’s wrap bracelets. :] They’re super cute!

    Those blinking lights would definitely be super useful. It gets dark here so early these days!

  3. OMG seriously, I want everything on this list! My husband bought me Runner’s World last year (along with the Runner’s World Cookbook!) and I was so excited! This year I’ve got a headlamp, some heavy duty running mittens, and some headbands on my list!

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