Weekly Rundown

So the last week of November went really well.  I had some great runs and felt amazing through all of them!  Thanks you MHR training. 🙂


Here’s how my week went with my workouts:

Monday and Tuesday – Coming off of Crooked Road, I wanted to give my legs a chance to rest, so I ran just a mile on both days.  Surprisingly, my legs felt good both days, but I was still physically tired so I knew that I made the right a call.   When in doubt, run a mile.

Wednesday – Having a day off work means I can run when I want to!  I got in 3.5 miles in my neighborhood with an avg HR of 139 at 11:05 pace overall  In addition to having a great run, I also conquered a hill that I’ve had to stop and walk at some point for the last 6 weeks of MAF training.  Today, I was able to run up it! Further proof that this is working. 🙂2014-11-26 19.11.41

Thursday – Thanksgiving!  We didn’t sign up for the huge (2,000+ runners) 5K locally, but I do enjoy running it.  So I ran my own solo 5K in the cold rain.  I rather enjoyed it!  I love a good rain run.  For some reason, my body just likes it.  I did 3.1 miles at 10:39 pace overall with avg HR of 139.  So weird how my pace can fluctuate day to day but my HR stays the same.  I know that the weather was part of the reason here and a flatter course.IMG_2900.JPG

Friday – Surprise miles!  I had thought maybe I’d do 3 miles, but once I got out there and met some friends, 3 turned into 5.  We walked some and ran some.  It was perfect!  I did 5 miles @13:11 pace with avg HR 127

Saturday – We are starting back to back long runs in preparation for Tampa, so we had 5 miles today.  Cara, Christine and I had our first run together with all of us wearing our HR monitors.  It was hilarious!  One of us would spike and say “I got to walk.”, we’d all stop to walk too.  The joys of bonding and training together!  This is probably why I’m most excited about this training.  We are all doing the same plan, same method and we get to run together! We got 5 miles done @12:15 pace with avg HR 129

Sunday – We met up for part two of our run.  My HR was doing awesome this morning and I was able to keep it right at 142 without any spikes for a long time.  I got in several miles before I had to walk to bring it back down or we hit any big hills.  I ran 6.5 miles at 11:04 overall with avg HR 132  Cara and I also hit a yoga class in the afternoon which was awesome! Perfect to stretch and chill after our runs this weekend.

So overall, a fantastic week!  I got in 26 miles, 2 over what I planned even!

How was your week?  How did your workouts go?  Did you run a Turkey Trot this year?

Happy Week!





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