Tis the Season for Streakin’

It’s back! Runner’s World is hosting another holiday running streak challenge:  From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, runners need to complete at least one mile every day.  That’s 36 days of streaking fun!  Since I’m already streaking, it was no brainer to join this one.  I started streaking over 1 and a half ago from Runner’s World’s summer streaking challenge.  It’s amazing how something as simple as running just a mile becomes a habit after a month’s worth of time.  I’m hitting day 576 today and still going for as long as I can!  This is just the motivation I need to keep at it and I’ll hit day 612 on New Year’s Day!  Hello 2015!

You can share your progress throughout the streak and connect with other streakers on their Facebook page or by tweeting and posting pictures on Instagram using the #RWRunStreak.   You can also grab some badges to post and show your awesomeness here.

Are you ready to take on the Run Streak Challenge too?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you plan to take part in the challenge too!  It’ll be fun to know who else is willing to give it a try!  I have several friends who are giving it a go too!  We can all cheer each other on!

Happy Thanksgiving and get out there and run that mile! 🙂

Happy Week!





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