City of Oaks Marathon – Pre-Race Edition

As soon as my marathon stopped, life got crazy busy at work. So without further delay, part one of my City of Oaks Marathon Recap!

I’m still on cloud nine with how everything went.  I ran this marathon with a specific race plan and I stuck to it.   Usually, I feel very nervous and worry about pace but because I knew that I was just running this one to feel good at the end and to have a great marathon experience, I felt at ease leading up to the race.

Nick and I arrived in Raleigh on Saturday late afternoon and met our friends who were running the race for a late lunch before heading to the Expo.  City of Oaks is a smaller event, although this one had the highest participation from previous years, the expo is just the right size for the event.  We grabbed our bibs, timing chips and long sleeve tees and walked around to look at the other booths.  Of course, we were totally scoping out deals for our next races.  There were a few vendors as well.  Everything was well organized!expo

We headed to the hotel after to just relax and get our things ready for the morning.  Christine and I headed out for a bit to Whole Foods to grab some more Essentia water and a sweet treat for after our dinner.  There was a Fleet Feet right there so we stopped in to look at their clothes.  I found a 26.2 medal rack on clearance and snagged it as my “You just ran a marathon!” gift.

Once we got back, we finished finalizing our morning plans and all settled in for the night.  Our friends, Katie and Nathan, were arriving later in the evening and we’d see them in the morning.  I touched base with some of the runner girls who were coming into town to cheer us all on.

I have been eating the same pre-long run food for about 15 of the 18 weeks I trained, so before heading out of town, I got take out for dinner.  My usual a Carne Asada burrito stuffed with guacamole and pico de gallo with beans and rice.  I also shared some Caldo de Pollo with Nick.  If you have never had Mexican Chicken soup, you are missing out!  So good!preracemeal

We just chilled the rest of the night.  I had a hard time figuring out what I was going to wear in the morning.  Second guessed myself between wearing capris or a skirt.  I settled on capris before I went to bed, but wasn’t totally sold on them.  I fell asleep easily and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.  Thank you time change!racingoutfit

Tomorrow was the big day!  26.2!

Stay tuned for part 2! 🙂

Happy Week!






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One thought on “City of Oaks Marathon – Pre-Race Edition

  1. All my Mexican families give their babies caldo de pollo as a first food! Love it.

    Waiting for the race report….anxiously….

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

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