Welcome To Taper Town!


Hi there and welcome to Taper Town!  We are so happy to see you!  Before you begin your stay here, we need to go through a few things that you may experience while you are here.  Hopefully this will help make your stay here more enjoyable! 🙂

Marathon Nesting

Yup, nesting just doesn’t happen when you are having a baby!  It happens when you are tapering too.  You suddenly find yourself with hours to fill and what better way than to organize messy bathroom drawers, clean out and reorganize a pantry or even, tackle organizing a closet?!  Apparently all those hours we spent running could have been better spent cleaning and organizing! I rather run…

Hungry Hungry

Why suddenly did your normal diet turn into a train wreck and you find yourself eating and wanting foods that a. don’t usually go together or b. are so bad for you!  I have had a sudden urge to eat spicy Ro*Tel and cream cheese dip on salty tortilla chips followed by a Sara Lee Devil’s Food Crème Cake all while enjoying a cold brew.  I’m out of control.  My body is freaking out and it’s craving all kinds of weird things.  I’m just going with it.  I’m afraid to tell myself no because I might lose it. devils-food-creme-cakes_0


Gimme a Bubble

Around this time, you start to become really conscious that any little thing could cause you to get hurt and not be able to run.  A stubbed toe scares you death!  Did you break it?!  A weird pull in your hip terrifies you!  What is that?  You suddenly feel like you want to purchase a huge plastic bubble ball and live in it for a few weeks.S1510008+

 Zero to 60
Everything seems to be on extremes!  You can go from feeling happy and calm to crazy and stressed in the blink of an eye!  You were once a rational person and suddenly, every little thing bothers you.  You are on the verge of tears one minute and laughing the next.  If guys ever want to know what it’s like to have PMS, try tapering.  It’s about the same except you can’t run, which is usually what you would do to feel better.  Hence the vicious zero to 60 cycle!


All of a sudden you become very concerned with what you are going to wear for race day!  I just bought a running skirt last week for my race because I didn’t want to take a race picture in one of the other half dozen I already own.  Seriously.  I already know which tank I have to wear because it is the least likely to give me chafing (which is a good thing!) but now the weather might be in the 30’s and I’m second guessing my original plan of what to wear!

Weather Craziness

The weather app on my phone has been working overtime.  I have been obsessed with checking it.  At one point, I saw this post on Facebook and I about lost it?!  Snow?!  Really?!  Luckily Nick’s a weather guy at heart and he calmed me down.  Cara told me to stop checking my app until Thursday.  I might have snuck a few peeks…weather

Has anyone else experienced any of the taper craziness?  What am I missing?  Share it with me!

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Happy Week!






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20 thoughts on “Welcome To Taper Town!

  1. ok, this list was Awesome! I loved reading this so much, I am so happy you linked up so I could find it! Ok, I agree with this, and it’s why I hate tapering. haha. I don’t tell people that, because they would think I am crazy, but truly, I exercising makes me feel happier, helps me eat healthier and pumps me up for my day. so funny about your cravings, and mood swings. it’s true. exercise helps regulate all that stuff, take it away, and poof. crazy town!

  2. The bubble? You are spot on with that one! I feel like I need to watch every step. When I went for my last long run this past Sunday, I watched the sidewalk with laser beam eyes (especially after my spill the Sunday before). I also feel like I’m questioning myself at every turn: am I ready? will my outfit be okay? do I take extra gels? am I crazy?

  3. Snow! Great post on taper madness. I actually am ok during tapering (although I do get that fear of injury problem!) I really go nuts during the day or two before the race though. I call it being a RaceZilla! Thanks for linking up today!

  4. I’m so glad to see that I am not alone! You described my taper experience to a t! My doctor told me that tapering often causes postpartum like symptoms and boy was he right! The good news is, immediately after my race I felt back to normal!!

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