Friday Five: Why Run or Race?

I thought this was a great topic for this Friday’s Five.  What a huge question!  It was hard for me to narrow down all the reasons why I run or race down to just 5. But I gave it my best. 🙂

Sense of Belonging

We all want to inherently belong to something.  It wasn’t until I started running again that I finally found my place to belong.  With that change, you find yourself among like minded people and those people who question why you run, don’t get it and you slowly continue to surround yourself with people who do get it.   I think there is just something wonderful about the running community!  We all know what each other are going through when we head out  for a run. There’s an unexplained bond among runners!  From cheering each other on along a long run to high-fiving another runner after a race or thanking them for pushing you along the way, it’s just an awesome feeling!  Runners are also there when you need it, to offer encouragement or support.

Setting a Goal and Crushing It!

Runners at all levels have a goal.  Very rarely do I meet runners who are just running to be running.  Either a runner has a race goal or maybe a mileage per week goal.  Most of us have two or three goals running through our minds and we jump from one goal to the other as we accomplish them!  The best thing about having a goal and crushing it is it’s a reason to celebrate!

Keep Yourself in Check

Before I started running, I felt out of control and a little lost in what I wanted. Once I started running, everything just made sense.  Run one long run and tell me it doesn’t change you.   It helps keep everything in perspective.  Run one run and tell me you can’t figure out some nagging problem, just by running and thinking.   Run one half marathon for the first time and tell me that you don’t realize how strong you really are and how much you can count on yourself.  Running helps you become a better person, letting go of what drags you down.

It’s Mine

As a mom and teacher, I’m responsible for caring for and teaching my own child, but also all my kiddos at school too.  By the end of some days, I can’t wait to run.  It’s my me time.  My time to disconnect from everything and just be responsible for just myself.  I decide how my run will go and how hard I’ll push myself.  Some days it’s an easy run just to breathe and come down off the day; other days there is nothing better than heading out and pounding the pavement, stomping away a tough day.  It’s mine and I decide how I want my run to go.


Yes, bling and swag!  I’m a sucker for a cool medal, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt.  When researching races, that’s the first thing I usually look for!  Why not have an awesome memento to celebrate your goal?!  Bling keeps me motivated too!  All those weeks of hard work training are rewarded with a shiny medal and some fabulous swag!

Why do you run or race?  What are reasons for starting to run?

Happy Week!






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16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Why Run or Race?

  1. All fabulous reasons – particularly sense of belonging and goal setting. Running has been a huge part of living a more balanced lifestyle – def helped my cardio strength.

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