Friday Five – Throw Up the Rock Horns

For this Friday Five, I pulled out my iPod shuffle and pushed play!   I thought it would be fun to see which of the 100+ songs would randomly show up.  I’m a not a runnergirl in a rocking world for nothing…my iPod is filled with some of my favorite rock anthems.  So let’s throw up the rock horns and turn up this Friday!rockergirl


Devour by Shinedown

Ah, yes!  A good song for me when I’m having a tough time in a race.   The pounding beat usually helps me pick up just a bit and the lyrics are very motivating for me.  With the lyrics in the song, it’s a great one for busting through the parts where you start getting tired…or even busting through the wall.

Take it and take it and take it until you take us all
Smash it and crash it and thrash it and trash it




Waiting One by All That Remains

A little bit of a slower song, but it picks up near the end.  It has a great strong bass beat, so I find it easy to match my footfalls to it.  I also like rock ballads so this would be a good one for when you are kind of lost in a run and just need to get lost in the romance of lyrics.  It’s also a “you betrayed me” kind of song so some of the lyrics are a little angry rocker chick.



Sound of Madness by Shinedown

Another one by Shinedown and one of my favorites!  The lyrics and beat make me want to throw up my fist and rock along every time I hear it! What a great title too while running a marathon..Sound of Madness!

When you gonna wake up and fight… for yourself?




I Miss the Misery by Halestorm

Nothing better than a rocker chick absolutely singing her ass off!  Lzzy Hale is one of the absolute best!  Some of their songs are filled of rocker girl angst mixed with a little bit of seduction and it’s so good!  Maybe she’s singing about the love/hate relationship I have about a marathon. Hmmm…


And finally…


Breach Birth by Chevelle

I am a self-proclaimed Chevelle groupie.  It’s true.  I would love to spend a year following Chevelle, but I just try to catch them anytime they are playing within a few hours of me.  They are my favorite band and there is just this unspoken connection I have with their music.  This is probably one of my favorite songs of theirs.  It’s not one that was ever released to the radio, but it’s one of their best songs!  They play it religiously at all their concerts for those fans who know it’s that good…

And I secretly have a crush on Pete Loeffler…

photo from

Some try and fall beneath molds
Well it’s your right so
I’ll keep on this path
Turning around bending shapes
Cutting it in


What music is on your iPod?  What song do you search for at certain parts of a race?

Check out other blogger’s favorite tunes at Friday Five or see what’s new for Fitness Friday.

Happy Week!






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9 thoughts on “Friday Five – Throw Up the Rock Horns

  1. I LOVE rock covers to get me going during a run. Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm, Eleanor Rigby by Letters from the Fire, Rolling in the Deep by Otherwise, We’re an American Bandy by Rob Zombie, etc etc. Favorite cool down songs are by Simply Red. And I ALWAYS use shuffle….variety is the spice of life, baby!!!!

  2. These are great! I’m typically a pop/dance music kind of runner girl with a little rock thrown in here and there, but I love these! Thanks!

  3. Love this! Such a rare thing to share rock songs in the blog world – new reader here 🙂 I’ve been jamming out to Manchester Orchestra and Weezer during my recent runs. Not sure if that’s up your alley, but love the music share nonetheless!

  4. Love this post! Such a rare thing to share rock songs in the HLB world – new reader here 🙂 I’ve been jamming out to Manchester Orchestra and Weezer on my recent runs. Not sure if that’s up your alley, but love the music share!

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