Race Day Memories

With our upcoming mini girls’ race weekend trip coming up this weekend, I was thinking back to what were some of my favorite race day memories!  Even after running numerous races, I can still remember something special about each one, even if the outcome wasn’t always what I had hoped it to be.  I didn’t think I’d walk 7 miles in the Kiawah marathon, but I still remember fun parts about the race and can laugh about it and remember the experience for what it was!

So here are my some of my favorite race day flashbacks!  A little walk down memory race course lane…

Flying Pirate Half Marathon 2010

This was my 3rd half marathon and I was by no means an expert at running them, but I convinced Kathy and Katie to sign up and train with me for the Flying Pirate half in 2010, their first half!  I told Kathy we’d run it together and we did!  I remember coming down that hill so excited to be a part of her first half marathon experience.


Go Far 5K 2011

Hayden’s first official 5K.  She trained through school through the Go Far program and Kathy and I joined her for the race.  She did amazingly well despite several grumblings along the way!  She did a couple of other 5K’s before declaring her retirement.  Running just isn’t her thing…yet. 🙂 gofar2011

Outer Banks 2011, First Marathon

From the time I started running, I never had an interest in running a marathon, but there I was in 2011, training for one.  I learned a lot about myself and learned to rely only on myself.  It was turning point in my running and where I was going.  I’m thankful for where it took me…outerbanks2011

Blue Ridge Relay 2012

To date, the MOST fun I’ve ever had at a race.  If you have never done a relay over the course of 2 days, you are missing out!  12 people, 2 vans, and miles of fun, laughter and memories!  I can’t wait to do it again!BlueRidgeRelay2012

Myrtle Beach Half Marathon 2013

This was the start of something awesome!  It’s when our running group and the Sole Sisters blended and we became one ol’ big awesome group! This was the girls’ trip of all girls’ trips!  We had an absolute blast!myrtle2013

Nike Women Half DC 2013

It was not only the first time I traveled to a race by myself, but it was also the first time I knew no one else running it either.  It was the one of the few races where I can remember everything.  I can remember each mile, how the race made me feel and all the amazing things that made this race just so awesome!  I’m sad that this one is not returning to DC this year, but I am excited to see what other city on the East Coast will host it for 2015.  Maybe I’ll be so lucky to earn a spot through the lottery. DCNike2013

Richmond Marathon 2013

I totally got suckered into running a marathon and it was the best thing ever!  Cara was training for her first marathon and I had no intention of running one at all.  After a little bit of coaxing, I was signed up as Cara’s personal pacer (hilarious because up until then my marathon experiences weren’t that great!).  We rocked it!  I even ended up with my best marathon time!richmond2013

What are some of your favorite race day memories?  Did any races just completely change you?

Happy Week!






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