Fitness and Meal Plan

I’m looking forward to another week of tapering.  I really haven’t been getting too buggy yet, but I know the last week is usually the most difficult.  I’m super excited, only 3 weeks left til go time!weeklyfitnessbanner


Monday – 4 mile steady

Tuesday – 3 miles easy

Wednesday – 5 miles with 3 at tempo

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Friday – 1 mile

Saturday – 1 mile

Sunday – Myrtle Mini half marathon (training run)  Keeping it around 10:00-10:17 pace  I’m excited to run with my friend, Christine.


Meal Plan

I am really not motivated to figure out our meal plan this week.  I’m feeling a bit uninspired and nothing is really jumping out at me for meals.  I’m feeling a bit indifferent about meals and I’m hoping that I’ll amend this post maybe tonight.

Here’s a rough idea of our meals, but nothing is really definite.

Chicken Caesar Salads (it’s a staple!)

Pasta of some sort on Tuesday (carb loading)

Wednesday will probably be a “clean the fridge out” dinner

Thursday… hmm…


What do you do when you get in a meal rut?  How do you become inspired about dinners?

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Happy Week!






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6 thoughts on “Fitness and Meal Plan

  1. I have those meal rut weeks sometimes, too. For me, it’s usually because I don’t feel like cooking. I often have a general plan but give myself permission to go off it and go with something extra easy- like eggs for dinner, or taco night. Enjoy tapering!

  2. I think what inspires me when I’m in a menu planning rut is knowing how much easier life is during the work week when I have a plan and have done the prep. It might not be a great but there will be a menu. The rut always passes. Maybe inspiration from some the fall fruits and veggies we’re now able to enjoy!

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