Weekly Rundown – Marathon Week 14

Holy smokes!!  Typing week 14 just made my tummy flip and my hands sweat. I have just 4 weeks left of marathon training before the big day!  I’m excited, hopeful and prepared.  I’m looking forward to tapering and gaining back some of my energy.  The last few weeks reminded me of how much marathon training takes out of you.

Marathon Training:  14 down, 4 more to go!weeklyrundown


This week was a doozy of a week when it came to training.  Highest mileage of training and I had to juggle it all while Nick was out of town for work.  I got all my runs in and still had time in the evenings for Hayden and I to have some great evenings.  I am thankful to my parents and my sisters for entertaining her on Friday night and Saturday so that I could get my 20 miler in!

I ran a really smart 70 min progression, breaking it up into thirds (easy, steady, and tempo).  I got in just over 7 miles and I felt good and wasn’t completely done by the time I finished, which meant I had done it correctly.  I had easy runs planned the rest of the week.  I couldn’t get my staggered hills in but I got a 5 mile easy instead.  On Saturday morning, a few of us tackled our 20 miler.  We broke it up into 4 5 milers, doing an out and back of 2.5 miles from one central location.  It was the BEST decision we could have made.  We just couldn’t wrap our heads around doing our normal big loop all over the city.   I did a great job keeping my HR low around 140 til mile 13, upping it to 150 through 17 miles and letting it go to 165 until the end.  Miles 18 and 19 were my fastest miles!  YES!  Now to just rest up and start gaining back energy for my marathon.



Hayden and I had no meal plan all week.  We enjoyed going out to dinner every night or getting take out.  I’m ready to be back on a plan this week, but it was a nice treat just to have to keep up with cooking.  Time to reel it back in this week since we have a normal week ahead!  Check out my WIAW post this week for all of our yummy out to eat meals.


Happy Week!






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5 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown – Marathon Week 14

  1. Hey! Happy Monday to you!! Great workouts and sounds like you had a fun time relaxing, going out to eat, and enjoying! That’s wonderful!! Have a beautiful week!! XOXO!!

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