Favorite Racing Distance: Then and Now

This is something I’ve actually spent a lot of time thinking about it and I realized that what I used to consider my favorite racing distance as changed as I’ve run for more years and gained more experience.   Do you feel the same way?

When I first started running in 2009, I was in love with the 5K distance!  There was something fun about going out there and running as fast as I could.  I spent many a weekend, racing 5K’s in the search of improving on my time.  I didn’t necessarily train for one properly, but it was a fun distance to race.  I also loved that I was always prepared to run a 5K without having to keep up a crazy running schedule.

One of my first 5K's, The Skirtchaser

One of my first 5K’s, The Skirtchaser


Then I started training for my first half marathon and 10K’s became my thing.  I found out that by training for my first half, my 10K times were coming down and I was getting faster at them.  Because a lot of my tempo and progression runs were right at 5 miles, I was able to push for the extra 1.2 miles and have a pretty good 10K time.  This year, I finally beat my 10K from 2010.


My first 10K


After my first half in 2009 and a few more in 2010, I was hooked and went on to try to run under 2:00, my ultimate half goal.  I danced all around it until Flying Pirate in 2012.  I finally, with the help of Nathan’s pacing, went under two hours, barely.  It was on from then!  I was determined to go under 2:00 by myself and to keep on trying to race a half.  In 2013, I ran 13 halfs.  I took my love of racing a half to a new level!  It was a great year and I loved all of the races for different reasons.


I’m don’t even entertain adding racing a marathon to the list because at this point, I’ve never raced a marathon and all of my previous races have been a crap shoot!

So the verdict!  Which race distance is my favorite now?


I’m a half marathon kind of girl!  It’s my thing.  I actually don’t race many of them any more, but now pacing has become my way of enjoying them still!


Check out other people’s favorite racing distances over at Tuesday on the Run!

Tuesdays on the Run
What is your favorite racing distance?  Has your preference changed as you run more?

21 thoughts on “Favorite Racing Distance: Then and Now

  1. I understand what you mean! The 5k was my favorite when I first started but I didn’t have anything else to compare it to, so I didn’t know what it was like to run a different race. Now that I’m doing longer mileage, I think the 10k is becoming a favorite. It’s challenging without being too painful after, and I feel like I could do several of them at my current fitness level. Haven’t done a half yet, that’s next year…maybe it will change again. 😉

  2. I mostly run half marathons, but I think I like the 10k a little better. It’s not as of a killer as the 5k is (pacewise), I think it’s a good combination of speed and endurance.

  3. My favorite waivers depending on what I’m running at the moment. I like the half (and anything shorter) because I’ve run enough that I’m confident I can do it, even if I’m not as well trained as I would like to be. And now that I’m in the midst of marathon training, anything that’s less than 26.2 miles sounds fun! 🙂

  4. 13 halfs is amazing! I love training for a half because it requires some commitment, but not as much as a full. 10k is def a great distance too!

  5. 13 in 13! That’s pretty amazing, congratulations! I do love half marathons, but I’m so much more comfortable at the 10k distance. Maybe with some extra experience with halfs (halves?) I’ll feel less nervous about racing them! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  6. I’m the same as you! My favorite race distance went from the 5k to the 10k to the half marathon too. I love that with a half marathon I feel so awesome when I’ve completed one.

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