Going Rogue – Mixing it Up!

99.9% of my running is done on the roads and are traditional road races, but there are times when I break free from those races and go rogue and run a trail or participate in a fun themed race to break it up a bit.  For this Tuesday on the Run, I’m going off road and talking about some of my favorite “nontraditional” road races and events.

Trail Races

I want to love trails, I really do.  There is something that is so appealing to me of running trails, but honestly, I am so worried about falling that I spend most of my run concentrating far too much and I end up stressed out.  For me, running trails is a great reason to slow down and I enjoy running trails as part of an easy run.  I also have enjoyed running a local half marathon trail run as a fun run.   Here’s one of my favorite pics from a few years ago from Owl’s Roost Rumble of me and Katie.  We obviously were having an awesome time!ORR-KM


Mud, mud, and more more mud!  In 2011, a group of us ran the NC Marine Mud Run near Pilot Mountain, NC.  It a mix of trail running, obstacles, and a huge mud pit at the end that we had to “swim” through.  It was fun but really tough!  I ended up with two busted, bloody knees and found mud in places for days!mudrun



Last year, Color Me Rad 5K came through our town and a group of us all signed up to take part in it!  Without it being a timed race, we were really just in it for the fun!  Hayden, Nick and I were excited to run the event too as a family and our friend, Bonnie, and her kiddos were running too!  A group of us just hung together and we spent most of the run, walking with the kiddos through all the color stations.  I’ll be honest, if we didn’t have kids participating, it would not have been an event that I’d sign up to do.  It was fun, but for me, it’s a one and done kind of race!  It’s a perfect event for first time 5k’ers and for children, for sure!colormerad


Our local fav beerun (our Woo Hoo Crew recap) offered the opportunity to tie up with 5 other runners and become a 6-pack.  A group of us instantly jumped at the option to dress up in costumes, tie ourselves together with strings, and run together as a group. On the day we ran, it was brutally cold, raining with some snow mixed in.  Our costume was a last minute decision, we were wearing trash bags to stay dry so we decided to be “White Trash”  We ended up being the only 6-pack that year and we won the costume contest!  GO US!581457_10151527103233699_107848942_n


Two years ago, 12 of us piled into 2 huge white vans and took to the mountains to run the Blue Ridge Relay, a 208 mile relay from Grayson Highlands State Park in Grayson, VA to Asheville, NC.   It was by far the BEST running experience I’ve had yet running.  Each runner ran 3 legs throughout the 2 days, varying in distance.   Gotta love a relay race that calls some of the legs, “Mountain Goat” because of the steepness of the route.  From sleeping in the vans, to meeting other teams, to running at 3am, it was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it again, hopefully in 2015! brr2012

Virtual Runs

Back in 2012, my friends and I took part in a year long virtual race hosted by a local running friend, The 12athon.  We had to run 12 miles, which earned you 12 points, on the 12th of each month and complete a variety of challenges while running the miles.  Each challenge was worth a certain number of bonus points which would be added to our overall score.  Challenges ranged from eating a dozen of deviled eggs to running all 12 miles on a .25 or less span of road.  Throughout the year, Iris would add in monthly challenges where we could earn additional points towards our totals.   So on National Running Day, we took to the streets dressed as Devils because it was a Beelzebub Bonus Run (6.66 miles).  Here’s our video from that day!


Running has provided me with all kinds of fun runs throughout the years!  I’ve done more silly, crazy stuff through running than I thought I’d ever do normally.  Another plus of running! Find a fun event near you, sign up, and have a blast!! You won’t regret it!

What events have you run? How have you gone rogue?


Happy Week!






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13 thoughts on “Going Rogue – Mixing it Up!

  1. I run trails all the time during training ( because I feel safer there than on the roads) but I have only ever run one actual trail race! I have no desire to ever do a mud run. Maybe I would do a color run if it was local. I have done a relay before and would consider doing that again!

  2. LOVE trail races! I’m too chicken to go on trails alone, so races are perfect! I’m actually considering doing a 10k rail race this weekend. Check out Jostrunning.com, they have great virtual races, profits go to charity AND you get a medal!

  3. I’d never heard of that relay race before, it sounds amazing (once I learn to stop hating hill running so much!). I’d really love to do a mud run one day too (without the skinned knees though). Thanks for linking up with us!

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