Weekly Rundown

Two Words:  I’m tired.  This week seriously kicked my booty.  With a marathon of a day on Thursday, I just never could rebound from it and it took a toll on me by the end of the week.  Hoping for a smoother week this week and some good sleep!

Marathon training:  Week 12 down, 6 more to go!



It feels like a repeat of last week.  I had amazing runs all week including my progression, which I nailed.  But then by the weekend, my long run is the complete opposite.  It’s a struggle.  I try not to over analyze it too much but after talking with several friends, I really think that pacing this weekend took a toll on me and because of that, I wasn’t able to get in all my extra miles.  When I run my long runs normally, I start slow and work my way up to a comfortable pace, which is usually 10:15-10:30 in the middle miles.  With pacing, I have to hit 10:15 out of the gate, which after a few miles feels comfortable, but to try and get in extra miles after, it’s tough.  I’m excited about this weekend’s long run since we’ll be running it at our normal long run paces. Cara and I did head out on Sunday to do a few recovery miles which felt pretty good.


This week was a score on meals!  We had some amazing good food this week and even tried a new recipe, Cheesy Skillet Gnocchi. It was a big hit with all of us!  We made the Bacon Pierogi Bake which came out amazingly well!  That meal didn’t stand a chance against us.  We ate the whole thing!  No leftovers!


Bacon Pierogi Bake



Cheezy Skillet Gnocchi

Happy Week!






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