Saturday Morning Motivation – Sunday Edition

With a late night at school on Thursday, leaving for a race Friday after work, and travel yesterday, my Saturday Morning Motivation post just didn’t find its way to my blog.  I had all intentions of writing it, but just didn’t have the sit down time I needed to get it done.  And that’s totally okay.  I let that just roll of my back.  🙂

So here’s the first ever Sunday edition!

Monday’s Motivation: A “REST” DAY

After a tough long run and still not feeling that great from my head cold, I decided to just take it easy and run an easy mile vs my hill repeat workout.

Tuesday’s Motivation: RAIN RUN

This run was a funny one!  I headed out in hopes of beating the impending rain, but at mile 1.5, I heard a loud clap of thunder and hauled back the .5 to the house.  I waited the storm out and headed back out for the remaining 2 miles.  Again at mile 1.5, the second batch of rain came through and it POURED my last .5 to the house.  I was laughing the whole way home!  What luck!

Wednesday’s Motivation: A CHANGE

After a few weeks of doing tempo runs, it was nice to have a progression run to mix it up!  I enjoy the challenge of a progression run too.

Thursday’s Motivation: KEEPING THE STREAK GOING

Thursday was a record long day at work and it took all I had to get that one mile in.

Friday’s Motivation: ROAD TRIP

I got my mile done earlier in the day knowing that Cara and I would be traveling after school.

Saturday’s Motivation: PACING

Another fun time pacing in Raleigh with Cara!  We were excited too that the temperatures were going to be more cooperative than Fayetteville two weeks ago.


Join in on the fun!  Share what motivated you this week!

What you do have to do?

  • Create a blog about what motivated you this week.  Was it a quote?  A picture?  Something awesome?
  • Linkup every Saturday here at Runnergirl in a Rocking World.  Include the Saturday Morning Motivation picture (below) in your post or sidebar and/or a link back to my blog.
  • Look at others’ posts and comment if something they shared rocks your socks!  Give them some love!
  • Help spread the word!  Invite others to join in!saturdaymorningmotivation




I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please leave one!

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