#TuesdayTen – Calling All Weirdos!

This is a fun post!  What’s better than celebrating your inner weirdo!   So in honor of another #TuesdayTen and Wonderful Weirdos Day, here is my list of  10 things that are uniquely me.

1.  I loathe mustard and green olives.  I have tried to eat both, but I just can’t do it.  Nick and Hayden will often torture me with both.

2.  I often complete a song out loud whenever someone says a line to one by accident.  I have a constant stream of songs running through my head.

3.  I have really big, narrow feet.  I’ve worn a size 10 since 6th grade and lucky me, they grew to a size 11 when I was pregnant.  My dad used to tease me growing up and asked me if I had skis on.  I really should be 5’10 or taller to have my feet be proportionate to my body.

4.  I can pick a blue crab like a champ!  Years of traveling to Maryland with Nick since I was 18 helped me hone my skill.  His grandad taught him when he was young and Nick taught me.  Too bad Hayden won’t eat crab or she’d be a beast by now at cracking blue crabs too.

5.  I’m not much of a movie watcher.  I’ve missed a lot of classic movies simply because I really have no interest in watching them.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I was in a movie theater.  Just not a movie buff!

6. BUT, I will read a novel that will be/was made into a movie because in case I actually watch the movie, I read the book first.

7.  Not uncommon, but I am terrified of heights.  Watching people sky dive, walking tightropes, even standing too close to ledges of rocks, instantly make my hands sweat.  Even now  just typing this and thinking of it made my hands sweat.

8. I’m addicted to Gain laundry detergent smell.  I love it and I can’t get enough of it.  I buy anything that has the Gain scent too:  room freshener, plug-ins, dishwashing detergent, etc.

9.  I love reality TV shows, maybe a little too much.  I watch some great tv shows, Scandal, Revenge, etc. but I have to balance that out with Big Brother, Top Chef, Bring it!, etc.  There is something entertaining and mindless about reality TV shows.

10.  Our family Saturday nights are spent watching Ghost Adventures.  We came across the show by accident and now we’re hooked.  Real or not, the show is spooky, makes you question what you believe, and brings some hope and wonder to the “other side”.

We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find
someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and
fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.  ~Dr. Seuss




22 thoughts on “#TuesdayTen – Calling All Weirdos!

  1. Love this list! I also love reality TV….Big Brother is my guilty pleasure! Also, did you know that if you store a box of Gain dryer sheets between Kleenex boxes, your tissues will smell like Gain? You’re welcome! 😉

  2. I’m a fellow fan of the TV show Revenge. I very seldom go to the movies either. When and if I watch a movie, I prefer to do it at home. Books are always so much better anyway – they leave so much more space available for my wandering imagination to roam. I’m not terribly fond of mustard, but I do like olives … and I do very much like your list. 🙂

  3. I love that Dr. Seuss quote! It reflects my life so much. Also, my husband will one-up you on the second one. If someone says a line from a song, he has to look it up on his phone and play it. He DJs dinner all the time. It’s equal parts endearing and annoying!

  4. I love that Dr. Seuss quote and would agree that my hubby is definitely mutually weird! 🙂 I am afraid of heights, too, and not much of a movie watcher, either. Oh, and I don’t like tomatoes which some people (i.e. my family) thinks is weird.

  5. Happy Wonderful Weirdos Day to you! Thanks for bringing this awesome day to my attention 😉 I am TOTALLY with you on the whole movie thing and I’m stoked to find someone who isn’t a self-proclaimed movie buff! People always ask me “ohh remember when ____ happened in ____ movie?”..and my answer is always “Nope!”

  6. Fun post!! I’m also scared of heights and best tv – reality shows of course!! Even better when you are watching reality shows with your BFF – gossip, wine and bad tv – priceless!

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