#TuesdayTen – Work in Progress

Yet another #TuesdayTen that speaks to me!  In honor of school starting back and September being Self Improvement Month, what better way then to make a list of things that I’d love to learn!  The difference with many of these “resolutions” is they are more about experiences and practical things to make my life easier and more enriched.  Fall is always a great time to reassess, reevaluate and keep moving forward!

I’d love to learn…

  • Taking a cue from my previous post, I’m love to learn to let more things roll of my back.  I had a few things this past week at school that really tested my willingness to do this and I really think that I succeeded.  I reminded myself often that the things that were going wrong were not my doing and I could not control them so why worry about them.  I felt pretty good about how I did.  Definitely some progress!
  • be more organized at home!  I am a completely different person in my classroom vs my home.  I honestly feel like because I clean up and straighten up after 150+ kiddos a day, I am just spent by the time I get home and the thought of having to clean and organize one more thing, just isn’t happening.  I did sign up for The Subtraction Project.  It’s a 30 day challenge to “subtract” the extra things that just weigh us down from our lives.  I’m hoping to get some really great tips and ideas to put into use.
  • to find time to read more. Now that school has started back, the time I have to spend reading is left to the few minutes before I fall asleep each night.  While I was reading a book every few days over the summer, now I’m lucky to get in a few pages.  A few ladies from school were talking about a book club and I’m thrilled!  It’ll keep me actively reading!
  • be a bit more patient.  Now that Hayden has started middle school and I teach middle school all day, I find that by the time I get home, my patience is all but gone. It’s like I’m taking work home with me nightly now.  I jokingly tell Nick that the next 3 years, Hayden is his responsibility.  The one huge change has been our schedule and Nick’s in charge of mornings now, which has a elevated a lot of my stress.  Getting myself ready, getting Hayden ready and trying to get to school on time was wearing me down.  Now I leave before the two of them.  We have much smoother mornings now!
  • to spend more time getting involved in Hayden’s school.  As a working mom, I often feel a disconnect between me and her school.  I can’t volunteer or visit her school during the day and I need to find other ways to be involved at her new school.  We volunteered for book fair nights and we would go to most family nights at her previous school, but middle school is different.  I’m hoping opportunities will come up so we can become a part of the school even more.
  • disconnect from unnecessary technology and continue to manage my time when I use it. I’m doing a bit better than this than in the past.  I actually feel burdened by my phone at times.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  I make an effort to put my phone away most nights around 8:30pm and it stays on the charger until the morning.  I schedule my times to blog during the mornings when I get up early.  I usually spend the most time in the morning checking social media sites too.  Now that I’m in school, I actually feel a bit of a relief.  I’m without my phone for the majority of the day.  I honestly don’t miss it much either.
  • to save more (money and time).  In an effort to remove the “extra” things in our home and lives, that should also include the continually need to buy more stuff we do not need.  I need to continue streamlining this process.  Services like Amazon Subscribe and Save has helped us already to just purchase monthly those items that we use the most.  No more trips to Target to buy just one thing and I leave with a cart full. We need to look for other ways to help us save money and time more.
  • to find more family free fun.  We work best at home when we spend more time together.  We need to look for some fun free (or inexpensive) family activities to do together.  We’re excited with the start of the football season and we’re planning on hitting up our high school alma mater for some games.   With Fall starting too, there are more opportunities for festivals, special days at the Farmer’s Market, etc. to explore.
  • eat breakfast every day.  I’m awful at this one.  I mean terrible.  The real reason is that I don’t usually wake up hungry and by the time I am, I’m already at school.  I need to find easy, healthy things that I can make in a pinch for breakfast during the week.  I usually grab a Greek yogurt to eat at school, which is fine, but alternatives would be nice!
  • live in the moment more. I’m a planner.  I constantly add things to my calendar and I find a lot of peace in having a plan when it comes to life events, however, I need to break from that sometimes to leave time for moments of spontaneity, that’s when the good stuff happens.

 People’s resolutions in January are dreamy, wide and broad. Fall is the time we reevaluate them, adjust and make new plans. ~Allison Carman


10 thoughts on “#TuesdayTen – Work in Progress

  1. I’m hoping to find some family time and disconnect for a while, too. Have a great school year! I’m a former elementary special ed teacher. 🙂
    Laura Jo

  2. Love your list, Melanie! There are many items on it that I can easily relate to. I especially love your last item. I’m a planner, too. I love having a plan – knowing what needs to get done ahead of time. Sometimes though, I over-plan. I always have a list of things I plan to do and adding items to that list is effortless. It’s far too easy to lengthen the list with plans. Finding time to do them all, however, is quite another story. And you’re right, too much planning leaves no time at all for spontaneity. We all need more of that. 🙂

  3. I am so with you on the planning and the reading! I rarely read books – I just don’t have time. I , too, am a planner, but I need to be more open and flexible sometimes. Great list and glad you linked up!

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