Weekly Rundown – Marathon Training Week 9

The first week of school…done!

The first week of school and trying to keep up with my training…TOUGH!

I felt pretty good at the start of the week, but was dragging pretty bad by Thursday.  Thankfully, Cara and I switched our weeks around and we are on a backdown.  Best. Decision. Ever.

Marathon Training Week: 9 down, 9 to go!  Halfway there!weeklyrundown


I was so happy to have shorter distances this week.  At the same time, while it was cooler at the start of the week, it was hot and humid by Thursday through the weekend.  I had some really good workouts earlier in the week.  Staggered hills were good on Monday, ran an easy 3 miles on Tuesday and nailed my 50 minute progression!  It was my longest distance in the 50 minutes yet and I was smart in how I handled my pacing.  Thursday’s run was less than stellar, but I got it done.  Friday was a one miler inside my house.  I was just too lazy to head outside before work.  Saturday’s long run went really well! Even though it was super humid and the air was thick, I ran really strong.  I had to remind myself sometimes to even slow down.  My body needed this drop back week badly!


We did really well on our meals this week!  I cooked the sausage pasta this week and we had it for leftovers on Wednesday, as planned.  We opted for Chicken Caesar Salads for dinner on Tuesday.  Nick has some great chicken cooking skills on that cast iron skillet we have!  It came out perfectly. We opted for a little of this and a little of that on Thursday and Friday, I went out to dinner with some co-workers and Nick and Hayden ate some BBQ from a local church.  They sell it by the pound on some Fridays and it is awesome!

Hope everyone had a super week!

Happy Week!






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